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  •  Lightening Mcqueen  Thanks to merissa for the tutorial and inspiration. My grandson loved this cake. Sculpted chocolate and raspberry cake layers covered in...
  •  Boer Goats   I raise Boer goats and just had to try out my new goat cookie cutter :). NFSC with RBC.
  •  Superbowl Cookies   NFSC - first time using RBC (LUV IT). My son is a Bears fan and I am a Colts fan so we had to represent both teams.
  •  Dragonfly And Frog Cookies   Made to go with butterfly cake for oldest granddaughter's first birthday. Sugar cookie with BC icing.
  •  Butterfly Birthday   Butterfly pan decorated wih BC for granddaughter's 1st birthday
  •  Mom And Dad 50Th Anniversary Low-Sugar Cheesecake  Cheesecakes with fresh flower decorations, wrapped with gold ribbon and plastic beads. Made for Mom and Dad. Mom is diabetic and...
  •  Beehive Cake  Beehive cake frosted in honey buttercream (a bit too soft and sticky for nice, neat piping, but it tastes great). Tootsie roll bees. Made...
  •  Blue Moon - The Tick  This is the one half of the set of cakes for 4 yo grandson consisting of cartoon superhero The Tick, and the Moon with his name '...
  •  The Tick  Made this for my 4 yo grandson. He LOVES The TIck (cancelled cartoon aimed at HS and College kids). It was impossible to find any Tick...