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  •  Puppy Cupcake Cake   I used 2 standard size cupcakes & decorated the puppy with Tip 16. The eyes & nose are M&Ms. I...
  •  S'more Cake
  •  S'more Cupcakes
  •  Fleur De Lis Cupcakes   I made these cupcakes with a few cupcakes I had leftover from another project. I used a tip 21 to...
  •  India Engagement Cake   My husband asked me to make a cake for his co-worker that is getting married in India. I drew the...
  •  Puppy Cupcakes   I made these puppy cupcakes today just for fun!
  •  Practice Spring Wedding Cake   I have been wanting to make a wedding cake just to see if I could get one to turn out...
  •  Poker Table Cake   I made this cake for my husband's birthday. I copied it from a cake I saw on line. It is...
  •  Poodle Skirt Girl   I made this cake for my birthday. I saw it in a Wilton yearbook & thought she was so cute!
  •  Witch Broom Cake   I copied this cake from the Wilton yearbook. All buttercream icing.
  •  Santa Cake   I made this cake for my aunt's office party. It is a chocolate cake with buttercream icing.