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  • Hello Kitty
  • Happy Birthday Sheet cake with Buttercream icing and fondant flowers
  • graduation Buttercream icing with fondant decorations
  • Flying Lesson?!?!?!? Amy turned 17 on 4/21 (see tail numbers) and was given a flying lesson.
  • Dora, Boots, & Swiper play hide & seek Emma (carved on the palm tree) turned three and invited Dora, Boots, & Swiper to a game of hide n...
  • Turning 11 Twin neices turned 11- cupcakes for school.  Puppies made from Marshmallows, & tootsie rolls; bones, happy faces, 11 made with...
  • Mardi Gras Ball for a 5 yr. old Mardi Gras Birthday Ball planned for a 5 year old and her friends
  • Charlie turns 7 Charlie loves lego's, the color green, and is turning 7!
  • Tea Party Gabriella turned 4 and celebrated with a tea party inviting all her friends.  Fondant used for the handles, spout and...
  • Peace, Baby Baylee Grace turned 7 and is still in love with the Peace sign
  • Princess turns 6 Tiara is R/I, remainder of decorations are fondant.
  • Dora @ Candyland Mom wanted Candyland theme with Dora and Boots. Most of the decorations are fondant
  • Animal of the Muppets Birthday cake for a 40 year old, who loved Animal
  • Grooms cake
  • Wedding cake Champagne and black wedding cake
  • 3 Generations Client requested three different years be represented. 1, 63, and 97, My first hibiscus out of fondant! and a luau...
  • "WE ARE FAMILY" Birthday Party July is a busy birthday month for my Pastor,  they celebrated 6 birthdays with this cake, the birthday celebrants had...
  • Garden Club Anniversary The Garden Club was celebrating their 25th anniversary.  Their logo is oranges and sea shells.  Chrysanthemum their flower.The oranges were...
  • Eights vs Eights I made this cake for a boy turning 8 who loved baseball, his team was the Braves and his jersey...
  • Sponge Bob Birthday for 8 yr. old, she would't cut it without some prodding!
  • Wedding May wedding/ mandarin orange cake with pineapple filling
  • Monkey- Birthday Thanks for the inspiration and tutorial pictures, Seana1977- the 16 year old loved her Monkey
  • Paisley wedding Wedding made for a friend, white cake with choc/straw/choc filling.She wanted antique/ paisley.(the wave in the middle of the cake...
  • Who Dat, We Dat, What Dat, Believe Dat Birthday themed around the N.O. Saints win,  Each arrow said something different.
  • 90 years old Customer wanted important dates in the book, her father turned 90.
  • Garden Party Cupcakes made for nieces 10th birthday, they were celebrating with classmates at the garden club meeting after school.