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  • adams_doptarta_spoket_casper.jpg
  • heidi_och_tobias_brllopstrtor.jpg
  • Liding_sjukhus.jpg
  • Liding_sjukhems_trta_kopie.jpg
  • Cillas_Shaun_and_Timmytrta.jpg
  • Jockes_36rs_trta_2.jpg
  • Emmas_2rstrta.jpg
  • Bosses_60arstarta_2.jpg
  • Anton_tummen.jpg
  • Samuels_trta.jpg
  • Anton_barbapappa_2.jpg
  • A cake for a knight
  • A birthdaycake to a little boy
  • A little babygirl
  • Livs_doptrtor_5e_juli_08.jpg
  • To a little boy
  • To my best friend
  • Roses on a blue cake
  • A toy/chesse birthdaycake =)
  • The bride and the groom
  • Weddingcakes
  • A weddingcake for a friend of mine
  • The teddy on Emmies cake
  • A "thankyou" cake My mum needed a "thankyou"cake so.. I made one for her :o)
  • Pink with blue flowers To a friend of mine, just for fun :o)
  • Pink Heart To a little one-year-old girl.
  • BRIO cake
  • Wintercake
  • Hedgehog My birthdaycake :o)
  • Our weddingcakes We got married on valentines day this year and this is how the cakes looked like.
  • Bride and groom The bride and the groom I made for our weddingcake :o)
  • Frog with a heart
  • The duck and the frog To a friend of mine by her request.
  • The pirate and the dino This cake was to a little girl who just loves pirates and dinos sÃ¥... ;o)
  • Mini christmascake
  • To a little "princess"
  • Birthday-heart-cake
  • To an actor This is a birthdaycake to a man who is an actor.I´ll give him this one today, I hope he´ll like...
  • Marzipanfingers I made this fingers of marzipan. There is chocolatefingers inside and the nails are made of almondpieces.
  • Purple/turquoise birthdaycake to my best friend My friend wanted a pastel-cake and... I made one for her ;o)
  • To a little babygirl
  • Pink teddy bear This one sat on the top of a cake to a little babygirl.The bear is made of MP :o)
  • To a little babygirl
  • Shaun the sheep Just made this for my father-in-law :o)Shaun is made of sugarpaste
  • Just a little "present" A little cake for just 6 people. I wanted to try the "bowthing" ;o)
  • Pirate over board
  • Pirate over board A piratecake for a 5years old boy :o)
  • My autumncake A cake for the last BBQparty this year...
  • 9e_sep.jpg
  • A girl with a blue flower And she´s made of sugarpaste
  • Filippas_trta_2.jpg
  • Filippas_trta.jpg
  • Vampyr_3.jpg A birthday cake to my friend. The theme was vampire and...blood ;-)
  • Vampyr_4.jpg One of 4 cakes to my friends birthday.
  • Vampyr_2.jpg One of 4 cakes to my friends birthday.
  • Bat on a red cake One of 4 cakes to my friends birthday.
  • Rasberry My husband wanted a rasberrycake... So I made him one :oDAlso one of my first cakes...
  • Green elfs Are going to put them on a birthdaycake for a little girl next weekend :o)
  • Dragoncake A silverdragoncake for my son :o)
  • My very first sugarpastecake
  • Birthdaycake for a newborn little baby
  • Two hearts Just for me and my darling ;o)
  • Ducks One of my first cakes... just for fun :o)
  • Say "Cheese" A cake for my dad who loves rats... and cheese ;o)

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