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  • 50th Anniversary Cake This is my first 3-tiered cake that I delivered. I used all buttercream icing. Made a lot of flowers 10...
  • Brittany Tew's Baby Shower Cake With their last name being "Tew" I thought the theme was very fitting! That was my first time with a...
  • Joey Grinstead's 15 Birthday Drum cake He's a teenager and loves the drums. His favorite cake flavor is white, and I used all buttercream icing. I...
  • Sailboat_cake_top_view.jpg
  • Sailboat cake This cake is for a birthday for 3 men. It is supposed to be tropical, so they are sailing off...
  • Sandy's Sham Rock Cake This cake has all whipped cream icing with a strawberry filling. This is for a church function.
  • Michelle's Wasted Monster I did this for my wonderful daughter, Michelle, a few years ago, back when we were both bad girls and...
  • Butterfly Cupcake Cake This is the first Cupcake Cake I have done. Can anyone give me suggestions about how to make it even...
  • Michelle's Flip-Flop Birthday Cake I just carved these out. Didn't do much, but I thought they were cute anyway.
  • Welcome Baby Wyler This cake for a baby shower for a girl at church. I did the baby buggie with butter cream icing...
  • Kiss My Bass This was for my husband and brother in law's birthday.
  • An Adult Slumber Party This was for my sister in laws surprise slumber birthday party.
  • Haunted House Boo!!
  • Breana's Birthday Castle Simple, but Fun!
  • Hat's Off to Mom's Birthday The bottom part is a cookie, the top is a cake. Most of the flowers are fondant.
  • Happy Birthday Mom Isn't she pretty?
  • No More Fish Stories I did this for a man who liked to fish and read.
  • Topsy Turvey Guitar Player They get wild and crazy on their guitars!
  • Let's Go Biken! This one is all whipped cream icing.
  • Tyler's 5 This one is all whipped cream icing.
  • Morgan's Disney Cake I messed up on the Schroll and eye lashes, but that was a first time for this kind!
  • Joey's Race Car Cake I love the simple clip art!
  • Care Bear Cake This one was fun!
  • Joey's Scooby Doo Cake Simple but Fun!
  • Bailey and Maddy's Spiderman Cake This one was fun!
  • Taylor's Spiderman Birthday Cake I like doing these kind of borders, they are easy and they look good.
  • Bailey's Barney Cake Didn't do a bottom border, but it still looks good.
  • Chris and Joe's Pokemon Cake I love the lemon yellow color!
  • Morgan's Tropical Birthday Cake I copied the girl from her Birthday Party invitation.
  • Hello Kitty Birthday Cake I love this cake that I did for an adopted niece.
  • Princess II I did this doll cake for a sweet little girl!
  • Princess I I love doing doll cakes!
  • Barney's Rainbow Cake This cake is all whipped cream.
  • Incredible Hulk I was looking for something simple and original.
  • Here Fishy Fishy A combined fish and computer cake. The buttons on the computer are chicklets.
  • Fishing cake Just another Birthday cake
  • Happy Birthday Mckie and Minnie Just for practice
  • Happy Father's Day I was looking for a simple idea. The tie clasp is chicklets.
  • Fred and Wilma Flinstone The Flinstones are my favorite cartoon characters!
  • Go Team This is a Football cake in general. I did this just for practice.
  • Mermaide Rebecca I love making doll cakes........I love dolls!
  • Maxine Maxine always had to put in her 2 cents worth!
  • Over the Hill They loved all the detail!
  • Welcome Baby This was for a baby shower for a lady at an employment agency. They said it was a big hit!
  • It's A Boy This cake was done with all whipped cream icing and was dupicated from the shower invitation.
  • Congratulations Cory This was for my nefew's High School Graduation. He loved it!
  • Morgan's Seriously Cool Birthday Cake This cake was a lot of work, but very colorful and everyone loved it!
  • Christopher's Batman Cake He wanted something simple and I didn't want to have to make a lot of colors to save time. We...
  • Tropical Drink Birthday Cake Two of my good friends liked tropical drinks, so I tried this for my first time. I like the colorful...
  • Tropical Bird Birthday Cake For a Tropical Birthday Party
  • Sandy's Old Buzzard Birthday Cake with Droppings Included A teasing about bird droppings was how this cake came about.
  • Other side of tropical beach cake Other side of tropical cake
  • Beach cake I did this cake for 3 men who wanted a tropical theme. I used construction paper for the lawn chairs.
  • Michelle's State ID MIchelle wanted a cookie for her birthday, and I thought a monkey was very appropriate for her!
  • Brookes Birthday/Colts Cake I did this cake for my boss's birthday and a Superbowl Party

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