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  •  Topsy Luau   First attempt at topsy turvy cake for luau birthday party.
  •  Chocolate Wrapped Frog Cake  8" two layer cake wrapped in tinted white chocolate. Frogs are made from candy melts brushed w/ luster dust. Water is a very thin...
  •  White Chocolate Wrapped   Mini cake with blackberry filling and cream cheese frosting wrapped in white chocolate.
  •  Go Zags!  Main cake covered if buttercream with fondant accents. Volleyball cake made with sports ball pan and covered in mmf. Baseball is made of...
  •  Roller Monkey   Two tier fondant covered cake with fondant monkey on top. Thank you schmoop for inspiring me with your bubble monkey!
  •  Wild Flower  9" round cake with 6" carved flower on top covered in fondant. I cut the dowels too short (1/8" does make a difference!) so...
  •  Polka Dots   Fondant covered chocolate cake with polka dots for a 10 year olds b-day.
  •  Luau Birthday Cake   Buttercream frosted white cake with gum paste flowers
  •  More Soccer Cake   Fondant soccerball cake with candy melt letters and flames
  •  Just For Fun Scrolls   Wanted to try crusting buttercream and scrolls and needed a quick, small b-day cake. Will do both again. Very fun.
  •  Img_2463.jpg
  •  Frog Prince B-Day Cake   Fondant frog prince sitting on a chocolate cake. The crown around the cake was made with candy melts.
  •  High School Musical 2 B-Day Cake   Marbled blue fondant coverd cake for my daughters b-day.

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