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  •  Tiki Bar   28" Tall with gumpast flowers, chocolate shells, gumpaste coconut drink filled with piping gel "drink".
  •  Pink Stencil With Roses And Hydrangeas   Gumpaste Roses and Hydrangeas
  •  82Nd Birthday Buttercup   82nd Birthday Buttercup Yellow with White Flower GroupingsCovered with SMBC. This was my first try at a smooth finish with SMBC.
  •  Eagle Grooms Cake
  •  3D Lightning Mcqueen   Lightning McQueen from the movie Cars.
  •  Reading, Writing And Chickadee Bird  Birthday cake for a lady that likes reading, writing and chickadee birds. The stacked books are the cake, gumpaste - bird, pen and ink well...
  •  Tudor Style Gingerbread House   The board is a 24x30...So this house is a pretty good size! Around 14" tall.
  •  4 Tier Silver Dragees And Champagne Bow-Monogram
  •  Margaritaville Theme Grooms Cake  Glass contains a 6" Strawberry Margarita Cake with Strawberry-Lime Buttercream. The parrot is hand molded, salt shaker, chocolate...
  •  Scream Cookies
  •  Nighmare Before Christmas Jack - Cookies
  •  Jason's Hockey Mask Cookies
  •  Bat Cookies