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  •  Masquerade Birthday Party Cake  Second time decorating with fondant and second time stacking a cake!Bottom 12â, middle 10â, and top 8â all...
  •  Graduation Cake   1/2 sheet with angled 8"round on top - buttercream icing and edible images.
  •  Baby Shower   1/2 sheet with buttercream & edible image
  •  Fudge Sundae Cake   8" chocolate cake with whipped topping filling and icing, melted chocolate drizzles, crushed nuts and cherries. MMMMM!
  •  Scooby Doo   1/2 sheet with buttercream & edible image
  •  Preschool Graduation   1/2 sheet with buttercream & edible image
  •  Super Girl   Quarter Sheet Cake with Buttercream icing and edible image.
  •  Sponge Bob
  •  Birthday Cake For A Friends Little Boy
  •  Dh Birthday Cake
  •  Easter/chick Cupcakes   Chocolate cupcakes with buttercream with grass tip and buttercream chicks. I made over 100 of these!
  •  First Paid Cake (Spider)   Chocolate cake with chocolate and regular buttercream. Licorice legs and candy corn teeth.
  •  Final Cake Of Wilton Course 1  Chocolate cake with raspberry filling. Butter cream icing the roses from heck- took me about 10 straight hours of non-stop practice to...