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  • strawberry shortcake house semi sculpted cake. fondant covered with gumpaste decorations
  • Woody cake 12" cake fondant covered. Denim is light blue then dry brushed with icing color blue. used sewing wheel to stimulate...
  • Hello kitty princess 8" fondant covered cake. castle decor on side is also fondant. Hello kitty on the top is 50/50 gumpaste fondant....
  • strawberry shortcake hat cake strawberry shortcake hat cake is covered in fondant and gumpaste bow and fondant strawberry decorations. Mini strawberry cakes are semi...
  • lilo and stich hawaiian cake 3 tier hawaiian cake covered with fondant. lilo and stitch is 50/50 gumpaste and fondant and with wires for stability....
  • hello kitty cake ver 2 hello kitty. fondant covered with gumpaste decor
  • Barbie ruffle dress Barbie ruffle dress in fondant ruffles. had to mix a little gumpaste in the fondant to harden a little bit.
  • hello kitty cake ver 1 fondant covered cake with gumpaste hello kitty decorations. used the fmm tap it for the gumpaste letters
  • Barbie silhouette cupcakes Barbie silhouette cupcakes
  • thumper from bambi cupcakes thumper from bambi cupcakes
  • hello kitty cupcakes ver 2 hello kitty cupcakes
  • pink and purple christening cake fondant covered with gumpaste booties.
  • Boy christening / baptism cake Fondant covered cake with gumpaste decorations. Bottom cake bulged because didn't have enough of a support. That's why practice makes...
  • nurse cake Butter icing with Gumpase decorations
  • Marvel comics cupcakes gumpaste decorations. painted with icing colors.
  • flower silhouette cake small buttercream frosted cake with flower gumpaste decorations
  • elmo cupcakes elmo isn't he cute?
  • hello kitty cupcakes ver 1 First attempt at hello kitty cupcakes
  • Winnie the pooh and friends cake Fondant covered cake with gumpaste decor
  • Superman cake first time using wilton superman cake pan. Also first time using star tip for the buttercream. Did not realize that...
  • Winnie the pooh and piglet cupcakes chocolate with marshmallow frosting and winnie the pooh and piglet gumpaste decorations
  • First Bootie cake My first attempt at booties. the emplate ended up too small. Fondant covered with gumpaste decor
  • Rocky Road Cake 10" inch Chocolate cake with marshmallow in the middle and Frosted with Dark chocolate Frosting
  • tinkerbell Barbie cake 1st Birthday Tinkerbell Barbie cake. Buttercream with gumpaste decorations
  • Superbear
  • My Niece's 7th Birthday Cake My First Event Cake and First Barbie Cake too!I Loved making it. (Ofcourse didn't get much sleep at all)Still needs...