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  • Pokemon My 1st Pokemon cake...its was huge & had to have two persons to carry it. All figurines were handmade/moulded.
  • Carousel Cake was design for an one year old boy. The theme colour for the party is baby blue & white.All...
  • The Malaysia Royal King's Crown A 3 Tier cake specially design for the Malaysia Royal King. On top of the second royal pillow is the...
  • Christmas Santa
  • Whisky Award Was specially design for a guy who is a whisky drinker - his 50th birthday.
  • Noah'sArk Specially designed for a pair of twin for their 1st birthday. All figirines are individually hand moulded.
  • Alice in the Wonderland My 1st time doing such a big cake, for 100pax & with so mant figirines. All individually hand moulded.
  • SpongeBob & Friends All figerine were handmade. The original colour of the cake is bright & vibrant, unfortunately my camera cant capture it...
  • Madagascar All figerine were handmade based on the movie - Madagascar. The original colour of the cake is bright , unfortunately...
  • The Kaloo Bears Design for a little girl who has a collection of the Kaloo bears.
  • The Prince A birthday cake I desined for my single girlfriend. Before she could cut the cake, we all made her kis...
  • The Misfits A birthday cake for the main single cum anniversary cake of the band called The Misfits. A presentation of the...
  • HalloweenHorribleStew Its a pot of Halloween Stew that comprises of horrific looking finger, a nose where maggots are crawling out, vampire...
  • The Wiggles The Wiggles & friends. All figrines are HAND-MOULDED with fondant.
  • Barbie Fairytopia - Mermaidia Barbie Fairytopia - Mermaidia & all her friends. All figurine were hand moulded with fondant.
  • Fairytale Wedding A fairytale wedding cake - with guests from the fairytale movies of The Sherk, Alladin, The Beauty & the Beast...
  • The Cars he 3 main charaters from the Move "The Cars"

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