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  • Soccer Team Cupcakes Made for my son's soccer team, the "Celtic Warriors" for a soccer tournament
  • Samantha's Communion Cake Made for my daughter's 1st Communion
  • Bug Cupckake Chocolate, M&M's and a few tic tacs...made for my son's class for his 10th birthday
  • Samantha's 7th Birthday Cake Break-away cupcake cake for my daughter's 7th birthday party.
  • Kristin's 40th Bday Cake Made for my friend's 40th birthday.  Buttercream with fondant accents.
  • Soccer Cake made for my son's soccer tournament this weekend..it was a big hit!
  • Cupcake bouquet
  • Wizard of Oz Cupcakes This was so much fun to make!  They are for a teacher appreciation lunch --there was a Wizard of Oz...
  • Cupcake Bouquets Made for centerpieces for a fashion show/luncheon
  • T-Rex Cupcake Cake Break-away cupcakes..much easier than cutting cake at a kids birthday party!
  • Jack's LAX cupcakes fondant on top, buttercream netting, pretzel sticks for handle
  • Noah's Ark Made for my sister's baby shower--she's having twin boys.  I didn't have enough cake for the guests so I added...
  • Pink & Black Cake Another idea taken from the great people on cc!  Loved using the pink spray!
  • Sunflower cupcakes For my daughter's class for her 6th birthday.  Ladybugs are M&M's
  • Pink Baby Carriage Cookies Sugar cookies with royal icing.  Fondant flower wheels and ribbon for bows.
  • Candy Corn Cupcakes Idea completely stolen from the talented people on cc!
  • ghost cupcakes Fondant over a Blow-pop..wrote on the fondant with edible marker..cupcake icing is dipped in crushed oreos..
  • 40th Bday for a Jets Fan Buttercream with fondant accents
  • Dave's Golf Cake
  • Dinosaur breakaway cupcakes organized cupcakes to look like a dinosaur, then star-tipped (21) with various greens and browns.  Great for a kids birthday...
  • Jack's Communion Cake For my son's First Communion.  All buttercream except the momogram circle, which is fondant with buttercream letters and trim.
  • Lego Cake Made for my lego fanatic son's 8th birthday.  Thanks to cc for the idea!  All buttercream and knobs are marshmellows...
  • Happy Birthday Gina! 1st loopy bow!
  • Pink Ribbon Cake Made for a 5yr. survivor..I truly enjoyed making this one.  Top is fondant, bottom buttercream.
  • Alanna's Sweet 16 ugh!  The lolipop cracked..some of the fondant bunched.  I like it overall, but far from perfect!  A little disappointed, especially...
  • Pink and Purple Mad Science My daughter wanted a mad science cake but it had to be pink and purple.  With a crown.  And sparkles..a...
  • Yo-ho-ho-ho Inspired by CC..thanks!  ship is fondant, rails are kit-kats, treasure chest is a mini milky-way (yes, we still have halloween...
  • Landolphi kids' birthdays Made for a friend.  Her twins are turning 1 and her son 4 all the 1st week in Nov.  I...
  • Rose's baby shower cupcake tree For my sister-in-law's baby shower--it's a girl!
  • Ice cream sundae cupcakes Cupcakes made to look like ice-cream sundaes..i used magic shell for the chocolate
  • Jack's Piano Recital Made for my son's piano recital...notes are made with chocolate
  • Samantha's Pre-K Graduation Cookie Pops for my daughters pre-school graduation.  Tassles were made with fondant.  I don't recommend this since I had a...
  • For Ali
  • Reagan's Christening
  • Fiesta Cupcake Made for a "Fiesta" themed teacher appreciation lunch
  • Communion Cake
  • Erin's Sweet 16 Cake my first time making a 3 tiered fondant cake..learned a lot!
  • Mad Science Cake Made for my son's 7th birthday party with the "Mad Scientist"--beakers and scientist are made with colorflow icing
  • Sports cupcakes For a little boys 1st grade class
  • course 3 wilton cake
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  • Butterflies Made as favors for a baby shower
  • My little Pony My first attempt at breakaway cupcakes
  • Luau cupcakes Made for a little girls luau party
  • Hula Girl Favors for a little girls birthday party.
  • Soccer Ball cupcakes
  • 1st Communion My first attempt at fondant.  Roses are buttercream and cross is colorflow.
  • Slot Machine Made for an 80th birthday..he loves to play the double diamond slot machine.
  • Lauren's 1st Communion Cross is actually a small chocolate cake
  • Pink Rose Cupcakes Made for a woman's birthday party but would be great for a shower also.
  • Solar System My kindergartener is really into space these days.  I tried to get it as acurate as possible.  He and his...
  • Shark Fins These cupcakes were made for my son's kindergarten class as a birthday treat.  They loved them!
  • Baby Shower Cupcakes This was for someone who know they were having a girl.  The bows are stuck on with a glue gun.
  • Max & Ruby Cake Max & Ruby are made with colorflow icing
  • Spongebob shells and sand dollars are chocolate
  • Christmas Birthdays This was for a friend who had several relatives visiting for the holidays who also had birthdays around that time.
  • James and Megan's Baseball Cake I got the idea for the stands from "sweetdreams" on this site-thanks!  The ball is a jaw breaker, the bat...
  • Construction Cake The top is cruched oreos and the vehicles are Bob The Builder.  I used a black marker to draw lines...
  • Welcome Justin These cookies were made for the "big brother" to hand out to friends/relatives that came to see his new baby...
  • Baby shower-boy
  • Welcoming Cookies These cookies were made to welcome families to town.  Each has the "newcomers" address on it.
  • Brooke's 1st Birthday This was all done with buttercream except the flowers on the sides of the cake which were made with colorflow...
  • Cookie pop favors These were favors for a childrens birthday party
  • Football Cake This was made for the children of someone affiliated with the NFL.  Their son turned 2 and their daughter turned...
  • Christmas Cookie Pops Sugar Cookies with Royal Icing.  I made these for my son's pre-school class.  I got the idea from cookies Williams-...

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