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  •  Baby Shower  Baby Shower for My first Great Grandbaby. Chocolate cake / chocolate mousse frosting and filling. The blocks were covered with bc. They...
  •  Very First Cake  My 11 year old Granddaughter made this cake for her Mom for Mothers Day. This was her very first cake. She made the roses on a stick and...
  •  Birthday Cake For A Friend   WASC with white chocolate raspberry creamer and raspberry filling, Buttercream frosting. It was delicious.
  •  Retirement Cake   Chocolate orange cake with chocolate orange cream cheese frosting and filling from the Chocolate Cake Doctor book. Buttercream roses.
  •  Spaghetti Cake   Spaghetti cake---- thanks Chikie
  •  Another German Chocolate   German Chocolate cake with chocolate clay roses. My first try at making them
  •  German Chocolate Cake   German chocolate cake/with chocolate clay roses.
  •  Birthday Cake For Sister Margaret   Choolate Orange Cake/Chocolate Orange cream cheese frosting
  •  Birthday Cake  Birthday cake for My Granddaughter-in-laws Mother. Yellow Cake with Mandarin Oranges in it. Filling and frosting is Pineapple and cool whip...
  •  Poker Cake  This was a fun cake. It was for a friend of My DD. Chocolate cake with cherry filling. Cards and chips are mmf. The cake in the gallery by...
  •  Birthday Cake   Cake for My DD Birthday today. Cake is the mounds cake from this site It was delicious.
  •  Cakes_009.jpg   Christmas Tree decorated by My Grandchildren, ages 9 , 11 and 13. Coca cola cake, spearmint buttercream covered with MMF.
  •  Jack-O-Lantern Cake   Made with 2 bundt pans. Chocolate cake, cream cheese filling and MMF frosting. Stem is an ice cream cone. This was fun to make.