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  •  St. Peter's Stained Glass  I did this one for my church-inspired by the beatiful stained glass in the church. I colored piping gel and made a template of the St....
  •  Silk Flowers And Doves  Was asked to do a cake for a park reception, and the bride wanted silk flowers. She was carrying daisies and roses, so I made the topper...
  •  1St Communion With Chalice   Thanks to the photos on CakeCentral, I am inspired. Thanks for the ideas!
  •  Pentecost  I've never really worked with fondant before. I was inspired by a cake I saw here at CakeCentral and decided to try it out. It was a...
  •  Thanksgiving Carrot Cake   This is a carrot cake with cream cheese frosting. The design worked great with the soft cream cheese frosting.
  •  Funny Boy   3D bear pan was used
  •  Jhu Center For Talented Youth   Made a stencil of shield on paper and transferred it to the cake by poking holes with a pin.
  •  Wiaa Anniversary  Wisconsin Intercollegiate Athletic Association anniversary cake. This was my first "stencil" cake...I poked holes in the design...
  •  Year Of The Cicada  A historical group was doing a program on the cicada, which is a bug that comes out of the ground every 17 years. The year I moved to...
  •  Beach Wedding   This is an oval stacked cake. The shells and coral are chocolate that I "painted" with luster dusts.
  •  Valentine Anniversary  I did this for a colleague whose anniversary is Valentine's day. They wanted their initials (S and M) incorporated in the topper. I...

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