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  • 003.JPG My first attempt at the castlecake
  • 004.JPG This was my first bridal show cake.
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  • 014.JPG I made this for My GreatGrandmothers 90th Bday, We actually put 90 candles on the cake and lit them for...
  • 001.JPG This was my first attempt at a soldier cake. Can't say it turned out too bad, lol.
  • 005.JPG I made this wedding cake for a friend of my husbands' and she loved it. The roses are all handmade...
  • Monkey Cake I made this monkey cake for a friend. I just used the stand up teddy bear pan. I cut off...
  • Christening Cake I made this cake for a friend. 2 days before I decorated the cake I placed a layer of fondant...
  • 25th Wedding Anniversary I made this cake for my parents 25th wedding anniversary. It has 3 pictures in the fluted bowl between the...
  • 25th Wedding Anniversay Cake I made this cake for my parents 25th wedding anniversary. I threw them a surprise anniversary party and they had...
  • Curious George Bday cake I made this cake for a friend and took this picture before my 2 yr old son got his little...
  • Stork Babyshower Cake
  • Stand up Teddy Bear I made this for a friends babyshower. she loved it!
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  • Strawberry Shortcake
  • My 3rd Wedding Cake This is my 3rd wedding cake. It's a 8", 10", 12", and 14" square cakes with purple ribbon around the...
  • Lightning McQueen
  • SuperBowl 2007
  • Duke Blue Devils
  • Santa
  • Christmas Cake
  • Halloween
  • Baby Buggy
  • Pool Table
  • Hearts
  • Jumpmaster Wings I made this cake for a friend's husband. He just got his wings.
  • Fall Theme Wedding cake This is my first and biggest fondant cake. I think that for the most part I did a pretty good...
  • 100_0399a.jpg This was my first wedding cake ever. I am so proud of it!! I stressed over this cake for 2...
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  • Bck To School
  • Family Reunion
  • Happy Halloween! I made this cake for my mom's office. I wish I could have gotten a better picture, but it's hard...
  • Golf Cake I made this cake for my moms boss for his Birthday. He loved it.
  • DJ set-up I made this cake for my husbands boss. He is a DJ here in town. I used a picture of...
  • Dora the Explorer This is just a basic Dora cake
  • Spiderman Cake I used the spiderman cake pan and then made a 9x13 cake. I put Spiderman on top of the 9x13...
  • Jimmy Buffet Margarita Cake I made a Strawberry Margarita cake with strawberry buttercream icing, but instead of using milk or water in the icing,...