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  • Barbie princess cake Yet another barbie princess cake.
  • Polka dots Buttercream frosting and chocolate/candymelt decorations.
  • Butterflies Buttercream frosting and chocolate/candymelt decorations
  • A colorful wedding cake Covered in fondant, gumpaste paisley curls and angels. Royal icing flowers.
  • Summertime sun Buttercream frosting and all chocolate/candymelt decorations.
  • My Little Pony This is one of the first cakes I made, about two years ago. I forgot to upload it. Its buttercream...
  • Arabian nights All fondant decoration.
  • Bunny's picknick The bunnies are made out of modeling paste, the fence and eggs out of gumpaste. Flowers are fondant
  • Black and White All fondant decoration. The "N" is made out of modeling paste. I made it for my husbands birthday
  • Valentine cupcakes Valentine cupcakes for my daughter (6). Fondant decoration.
  • Piece of cake Fondant decoration and also a few gumpaste flowers.
  • orlando_054.jpg
  • Santa Buttercream Santa made with startip.
  • Christmas Topsy turvy All fondant decoration. Snowflakes are made out of royal icing.My first attempt making a crooked cake.
  • Princess caste All fondant decoration.
  • Mega Mindy All fondant decoration. This is Mega Mindy a super hero(ine) for girls in Holland and Belgium.
  • Dora Cake Dora cake with a border of buttercream with fondant flowers.
  • Birthday Merel 18 I had made a huge "18"in orange fondant but could not put it on top for the foto, since it...
  • halloween_064.jpg
  • Gumpaste roses and cala lily "Detail from "Green cake with Chalice".Flowers made with gumpaste (for the first time, with help from youtube)Painted with petal dust.
  • Chalice "Detail of green cake with chalice".Chalice made with modeling paste. Painted in pearl and gold dust.
  • Cake with chalice Cake covered in fondant , gumpaste flowers, and chalice is made with modeling paste and painted with pearl dust and...
  • Wedgewood All fondant. I made this for my mother, forgot to upload it before.
  • cc_005.jpg This cake is all fondant decoration. Sorry the photo is so bad.
  • 5_1214762214.jpg All fondant
  • Bye bye cardiology A cake made for my father in law. He was a  cardiologist and has now retired.All fondant decoration.
  • Flower garden Carrot cake covered in buttercream, flower RI
  • Jungle cake, side view This is de side view of the animal cake.
  • Jungle cake Jungle cake, chocolate cake with chocolate mousse filling.Covered in fondant. Animals and trees made with fondant. Water is buttercream. Leaves...
  • Dora Vanilla cake with a strawberry and cream filling.Decoration in buttercream.
  • 30-05-08_lfpb_001.jpg
  • Bride
  • Marimekko Chocolate chip cake filled with chocolate mousse. Covered with fondant and handpainted with vodka and diluted food coloring.
  • Basket_weave_roses_8.jpg
  • Easter cake with pastillage egg. Carrot cake with cream cheese filling. Covered in Marshmallow fondant. Decoration in fondant and royal icing. The egg is made...
  • A Present
  • My little pony Vanilla cake with chocolate mousse filling. Covered in buttercream and fondant flowers.
  • Jeep Cake Chocolate cake filled with chocolate mousse. Bottom covered with chocolate fondant, top with swiss meringue buttercream. Nekaf jeep and trees...
  • Two hearts Two hearts, one for my husband and one for my daughter. Covered with fondant, decorated with royal icing painted with...
  • Fairytopia A different fairytopia cake. Buttercream frosting over a chocolate cake with cookies and cream filling. Flowers made with fondant.

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