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  • Wedding cake with 6 satellites 3 tiered wedding cake with 6 satellite cakes.
  • Contemporary
  • Offset wedding Cake
  • Black and White
  • Mardi Gras Wedding Cake Mardi Gras themed wedding cake with hand crafted masks made of Fondant.
  • Winter Wedding This cake features handmade and pre-made snowflakes on a clean ivory background. Fondant cakes, pastillage snowflakes with royal icing accents....
  • Lace Cake This cake was inspired by the bride's dress. She wanted it to resemble the lace on her shawl. Fondant with...
  • Tinkerbell Cake This was for my niece's 4th birthday. It's the Wilton cake that I have wanted to make for a long...
  • DSCN0420.JPG
  • Tropical Cup Cake Tree 75 cupcakes with a 6 inch cake on top.
  • Orange and Purple The top two tiers were lemon with strawberry filling, the bottom was white with raspberry filling.
  • Barn Dance This cake was for our own open house (it was a barn dance, that is why there is hay in...
  • Fondant accents These are 12", 10", and 8" styrofoam dummies for a wedding show.  the cakes are covered in buttercream frosting and...
  • Pink and white 80 serving of white cake with Raspberry filling, covered with fondant and accented with hand-made roses.
  • Simply elegant A simple design adds a lot of class to this fondant covered cake.
  • Falling petals The cakes are aligned at the back creating a step effect. the cake is covered in buttercream frosting.
  • Chocolate Fondant The bottom layer is spice cake, the other two are white and they all have buttercream filling.
  • Roses Lemon cake with lemon filling.  Royal Icing roses and rolled buttercream for a fondant look.
  • La Quinceneara About 500 servings of all flavors of cakes and fillings.  Ivory fondant with gold frosting.
  • Complete Whimsical Daisy Cakes This is a complete picture of all the cakes (the photo of just the main cake is posted as Whimsical...
  • Daisy and Curls cake This is a whimsical wedding cake done entirely out of marshmallow fondant.  The brides colors were hot pink, hot orange,...
  • Vegan Wedding Cake This vegan wedding cake, with two chocolate cakes and one white cake, is filled with raspberry filling, frosted with buttercream...