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  •  Justin's Boot  This cake started out to be the nike cake that karennayak sent me the instrutions for (big thank you karen) but as I was working on it my...
  •  Ornament Cakes   I used the mini ball pan and glued both halves together and covered with rolled buttercream
  •  My Turkey  My daughter who is an art teacher asked me if I could make a turkey cake for the pot luck that the teacher's were having before...
  •  Another Cowboy Hat   I did this one just to change hat's. It is yellow cake with chocolate fsatin ice and with a white braid around it.
  •  Mini With Daisy's   Butter cake with buttercream in center and covered with chocolate satin ice, and daisy's
  •  Little White Cake  This mini is covered in white fondand, it has a band around of embossed roses and pink rose on top. It is chocolate cake with buttercream...
  •  Babies With Flowers   This one has a full baby in the tulip and a face in the rose
  •  Offset Squares   I use ivory fondant on the bottom and marbled chocolate/ivory on the top, and topped the whole thing off with a small rose spray
  •  Ducky In The Tub   This mini was made fron a mini loaf pan with mini marshmallows for bubbles and acandy yellow ducky
  •  Second Mini Like This   Again I made this as a sample
  •  Wacky Mini With Purple Daisy   first ry at these type cakes
  •  Mini Cowboy Hat   Again one of the mini's I made for samples. All of the mini's that I have made have been fun, and helped with my using fondant.
  •  Faces In Roses   This is a mini that I made for sample cake