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  •  Irene's Birthday Cake   I really like using this design especially for spring with all spring colors.
  •  30 Years Old  MY oldest son Louis has been an avid bird watcher since he wasyoung so for his 30th bithday I made him this special cake. The birds were...
  •  The Princesses Birthday Cake   My grand daughters celebrate their birdays on the same date,so usually there is a large party. This is one of their birthdaycakes.
  •  Sherry's Cake  This cake was a pure labor of love.This young woman and I were the best of friends. The cake had many different fillings.There is even cake...
  •  Becky's Cake   Done on the tall tier stand,very scary, and filled withfresh tulips. A lot of cake.
  •  Kelly And Andy's Cake  This cake a main cake with two side cake. One side cake was carrot cake. I made candy ovals to decorate the tiers, all were made one at a...
  •  Kelly's Cake   Large cake with satellites. My first large cake.
  •  Chocolate Delight   This brides color was chocolate and so was one tier.She was very pleased with her cake.
  •  Jennifers' Wedding Cake   all satellites,ivory and white and silk flowers
  •  Jo Ann's Wedding Cake   Large cake with fresh flowers and a fountain.
  •  Packages   This two tiered cake was decorated to look like packages.