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  •  Wilton Groom's Cake  Orange Cheesecake, with Chocolate Buttercream. I need more practice with frosting. I wasn't happy with the way I combed the sides. I...
  •  My First Wedding Cake  White Chocolate Cream Cheese frosting, covering carrot cake, white chocolate w/raspberry filling, and chocolate w/chocolate buttercream...
  •  4 Of 4 Bridal Dress   Thanks, thanks, thanks Cake Central. I would never have had the courage to try without you.
  •  3 Of 4 Bridal Dress
  •  2 Of 4 Bridal Dress
  •  1 Of 4 Brides Dress  My very first cake. I got this idea from Cake Central, I am so sorry I can't locate the original designer to give her credit and much...
  •  Yoda  First attempt at a 3D cake. I started with it upright, then realized there weren't enough dowels in the country to hold him up :) His...