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  • JMU Duke Dog Cake's covered in BC and fondant.  Head made of RKT and fondant.
  • Grape Smashing Three 10 inch rounds layered in BC.  Decorated in fondant.
  • Alien Disection Cake covered in fondant.  The head is rice krispy treat
  • Fishing Boat Boat is rice crispies and fondant.  Cake is BC except sun and fish they are fondat.  Everthing is edible except...
  • Going Away Cake Did this cake for a Colonel that was going away.  She was really into sports so I put something for...
  • 13 yr Old B Day cake Vanilla cake covered in BC.  All the items are fondant except the tiara which is royal.  I wanted to try...
  • Mickey Mouse Club House I made this for a two year old little boy.  It is a marble cake covered in BC.  The club...
  • Ribbon Birthday Cake This was for a little girls birthday.  Got the idea out of the Wilton Yearbook
  • Garden Cake Was for a birthday cake for a coworkers mother.  Copied the idea from a book
  • Baby Dragon Baby shower cake for a lady in the dragons squadron here at work.  The cake is vanilla covered in BC....
  • Cinderella Wilton Cinderella Pan.  Face was a little harder then I thought it would be.
  • Umbrella Cake for Baby Shower I got the design from the Wilton Year Book
  • Dora Cake I copied this from several pictures off the site.  Made it for a little girl turning three

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