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  •  Farm Birthday  Tried to use the "House cake pan" and it wouldn't stay on the edge of my best friend brought over more decor for...
  •  Dora The Explorer   First attempt at tiered cake and it was one of my easiest. Had a lot of fun with this cake and my daughter loved the waterfall.
  •  Cupcakes For Easter   Here are some cupcakes that were made for an Egg Dying party for Easter. My daughter helped with these.
  •  Grandparents Anniversary  This cake is 8" double layer with pineapple custard filling & rice paper picture on top. They were so surprised...they had never...
  •  Grandmother's Cake  This was my first attempt at roses. I just went by the WIlton course 1 book. Didn't turn out too bad. I made it for my grandmother&#...
  •  Cookie Cake   This is a choc chip cookie cake with buttercream icing and powered sugar.
  •  Chocolate Lovers   Two layer german choc cake with pecan/coconut icing and milk chocolate icing.
  •  Side Cake   My daughter had been sick on her birthday so I made her own to blow out and eat. Orange cake with buttercream icing and Elmo candy.
  •  Elmo Birthday Cake   TIme ran out on making two seperate cakes so I stacked them to keep the same # of servings. Thought it made Elmo stand out more too!!
  •  Birthday Request  This cake was requested after seeing one like it at a baby shower. Not too fond of all the icing but it turned out alright. Need to...
  •  Rainbow   My first cake to ever decorate... I'm taking Wilton Course I and LOVE IT!! Great stress reliver for me.
  •  A Star's Birthday!   My 2nd ever cake for decorating and I made it for my father's birthday!! I'm enjoying my new hobby!!!

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