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  • steph.jpg This is the biggest cake that I have done yet. I made this for a wedding last week and had...
  • Small wedding Chocolate cake with irish cream buttercream covered with chocolate fondant and vanilla cake with amaretto buttercream covered in pink fondant....
  • saryna.jpg My neighbour and I had our babies a week apart ( I had a girl and she had a boy)...
  • Bridal shower This is  cake I made for a bridal shower a friend of mine was hosting
  • Baby Shower Cake This is a baby shower cake I made inspired from a few cakes here on CC.
  • Bridal shower - Daisy theme
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  • Scotch anyone? I made this cake with a lot of help from my husband for my father in law's 60th birthday. J&B...
  • Dora and Diego cupcakes
  • Birthday basket Carrot cake with cream cheese buttercream and fondant flowers
  • PhD graduation Graduation cake for a friend of mine
  • My first wedding cake Yeah!  I am so excited. This is my first wedding cake. Yellow cake with chocolate buttercream filling and fresh flowers....
  • Anniversery Cake Anniversary cake for a friend's grandparents.
  • Birthday cake This is a birthday cake I made for a co-worker. It was definitely inspired by cakes here on CC. It...
  • Christening cake Inspired by many cakes here on CC, I make this cake for a friend's baby christening.
  • Christmas cupcakes A tray of Wilton inspired cupcakes
  • Cinderella I made this for my neighbour's daughter who just turned three. Yellow cake filled with chocolate buttercream.
  • Double chocolate cheesecake This cake was made for a coach at the University of PEI. It is a white chocolate, dark chocolate marble...
  • Grinch I made this cake for a school christmas party. Cheesecake covered in white chocolate cream cheese buttercream.
  • Wreath cheesecake Cheesecake covered and decorated with white chocolate cream cheese buttercream. The bow is a chocolate transfer.
  • 1st birthday This is a copy of  cake that I fell in love with originally created by CC member Merissa . I...
  • Halloween Birthday 2nd view
  • Halloween birthday My neighbour aksed me to replicate a partylite candle for her daughter's birthday. I think it came out pretty well....
  • Lightning McQueen I made this cake for a friend's nephew. McQueen is vanilla cake and the flags are chocolate.
  • Birthday presents 2nd view I got the idea from cc of course!
  • Birthday presents I made this for my neighbour's birthday. One chocolate and one vanilla cake both with chocolate buttercream filling.
  • Basket with flowers Basketweave with royal icing flowers
  • Carrot cake with chocolate ganache (again) I made this cake once before and they loved it so much they ordered it again! It is a carrot...
  • baby craddle I made this cake for a neighbour who just had a baby boy. They loved it! Yellow cake with french...
  • Carrot cake with chocolate ganache My director asked me to make a cake for his son's 30th birthday. He asked for a carrot cake with...

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