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  • pink and brown birthday cake
  • gift boxes
  • tea party I got the idea for this cake from someone else on this website...I can't remember who...but thank you!
  • kakesplus_229.jpg frog is made from fondant and so is lily pad.
  • kakesplus_230.jpg my girlfriend tropical beach theme cake. the cake is buttercream with fondant palm tree in the middle.
  • baby belly The cake is buttercream with fondant for the shirt.
  • tractor cake the tractor is covered in fondant.
  • dinosaur cake the dinosaur is covered in fondant and the cupcakes have bc incing with jordan almonds on top as eggs.
  • speed racer cake I made this cake for brothers with close birthdays.  The father gave me the car figurine and asked me to...
  • 3 tower wedding cake I made this for my friends wedding. It is a key lime pie poundcake covered in fondant icing with silk...
  • teacher appreciation cake i made this cake for teacher appreciation week at my childrens' school.  the entire cake is bc with fondant bow.
  • pokemon ball and pikachu the ball is covered in silk ice fondant and the pikachu is made from chocolate.
  • bridal shower cake the cakes are covered in satin ice fondant with buttercream roses.  i got this idea off of a cake i...
  • baby's christening cake buttercream icing and roses with chocolate cross
  • pastel baby shower cake buttercream icing with fondant decos
  • girl birthday cake My daughter's 12th birthday cake...she picked out the colors and design.  Covered in fondant.
  • easter basket buttercream icing with fondant decos.
  • santa in the chimney the cake is made from buttercream with a chocolate santa and sack.
  • snowman cake i copied this cake from "whimsical bake house" with chocolate decos and bc  icing
  • cow cake this cake is bc with fondant cow
  • mini cooper
  • dumptruck i made this for a little boys 2nd birthday.   the wheels are chocolate donuts and the "load" is whoppers chocolate...
  • new york city this is another picture of the new york city cake i did for a girl's sweet 16th party.  i got...
  • new york city this cake was for a girl's sweet 16th party.  she used to live in new york so the theme of...
  • 25th wedding anniversary
  • totem pole
  • baby shower
  • champagne
  • box of chocolates
  • kakesplus_171.jpg
  • teacher's baby shower iced buttercream with melted chocolate decorations
  • helicopter iced buttercream with melted chocolate decorations
  • helicopter iced buttercream and all decorations are melted chocolate
  • eagles football field
  • baby bear baby shower Cake is covered in bc with fondant decorations.  Cake is chocolate chip poundcake.
  • grateful dead birthday
  • irish castle
  • confirmation
  • hollywood birthday
  • sleeping baby
  • close up of baby asleep on moon
  • baby asleep on moon I got a picture of this cake off a website and thought it was adorable, so I made it for...
  • piano
  • celestial side view
  • celestial
  • drunk elephants
  • dolphins
  • kakesplus_122.jpg
  • kakesplus_103.jpg
  • ny yankees
  • debit card/credit card
  • race cars
  • sun and stuff
  • dragon
  • birthday cake
  • cruise ship
  • catepillar cake
  • flounder cake
  • girl winking
  • western cake i made the decorations on the cake out of melted chocolates.
  • another view of sunflower cake
  • sunflower cake
  • cup of coffee
  • bucket of wine this is a bottle of yellowtail chardonnay for a bridal shower.
  • yankees
  • more roses
  • all star game I made this cake for my dad's senior all star game.
  • front view of thomas the train
  • thomas the train
  • corona six pack
  • basket of flowers flowers are made out of fondant and basket weave out of buttercream.
  • roses
  • bouquet of roses I made the roses out of fondant.  The rest is iced buttercream.
  • make up bag I made this cake for a young girl.  Everything is made out of fondant with a thin layer of buttercream...
  • purse I made this purse out of fondant icing with buttercream underneath.
  • shiraz I made the label out of fondant.  The rest is buttercream
  • my family tree I made this cake for my parent's 40th wedding ann.  I made all the heads and dogwood flowers out of...
  • pics_048.jpg I made this birthday cake for my friends son's birthday.  He was having a pirate party.  I used brown sugar...
  • pics_050.jpg I made this birthday cake for my neighbors daughter's birthday party.  It is made from buttercream icing.
  • soccer nut I made this picture for my friends birthday.  I made the soccer balls and boy out of fondant icing and...
  • snowboard heaven I made this cake for a friend's birthday.  We just went on vacation a few months prior to Killington, Vermont...

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