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  • Sweet Pea baby wear 3/4  sheet cake (double) then took a 1/2 and cut it in half to make the top.
  • sweet pea Print out and glue the picture to a cardboard and make it stand with lolipo stick glued to the back....
  • Hanna Montana- Disco Fondant decorations, Rainbow dust. I print out a picture and glue it to a cardboard then glue a 2 straw...
  • Swiming in Blue fondant accent, royal icing flowers, fondant cake
  • Hollywood style balls are fondant, as well the stars. Floral  Ribbon around the cake.
  • Sweet in Pink Gumpaste flowers. Dummy Cake covered in Fondant. Decorations from the 99cent store. Dusted with pink pearl.
  • Blues clues Cardboard characters, I glue them on  lolipop stick, straws, and icecream sticks. grass is floral ribbons.
  • Pole Dancer the lady want something different  and inexpensive for her husband,  I came out with this.  The stripper is printed in...
  • Jungle Baby animals the animals are made out of wood, I brought them in Michaels, maybe AC moore have them as well
  • Christening italian merengue
  • jungle_king.JPG italian merengue
  • my first wedding cake
  • Minnie #1 Italian meringue, floral satin lace for the bows and around it,  black cardboard ears
  • Cookie monster#1 The cookies are cereal, cookie monster done out of fondant.
  • sponge bob#3 all are edible images on fondant and cut them out to make the plaque. the kraby patties are gummies that...
  • Diego cake
  • My first Backyardingas the backyardigan are finger puppets.  Italian meringue icing. Name plaque done in fondant.
  • Second attemp of the black and white This is how I re-decorate the cake. since the party started late I had time to go to the store...
  • first Black and white cake I tried to decorate the cake with black icings since I didnt have black plastic lace, the customer cake the...
  • spiderman I was  running late and couldnt take a picture of the sides, but it had spiders hanging
  • Thinker bell #2 Fondant decorations
  • spiderman
  • Sponge bob # 3 Decorations are fondant and Italian Icing. Crumb crackers for the sand,
  • Spa Theme decorations are fondant
  • Hanna Montana My first attempt in making a guitar, I loved to do it but I found it a little bit difficult.
  • pearl cake I was just practicing a wedding cake . These are dummies cake
  • Hennessy Bottle this cake was covered in fondant, I used 2 cakes of  6", cut them in half a moon and stacked...
  • batman cup cakes
  • My first attempt doing a catepillar head and neck rainbow cake, the other 3 balls are chocolate chip cake. This cake was a night mare, took...
  • My first purse Mini purse with one 6 inches round cake
  • Mickey Mouse This is my first mickey cake, I was searching here for a design and loved the hat. So this one...
  • Margarita Cake Fresh fruit, Pineapple cake filling, Italian meringue icing.
  • topper decorations gumpaste decorations
  • Denise_Baby-Shower_033.JPG
  • Denise_Baby-Shower_032.JPG
  • Denise_Baby-Shower_073.JPG
  • 024.JPG pre-k for school
  • My first attempt I just need to say, thank you guys for all the ideas and inspirations that I get from you
  • 0825071541.jpg Fondant decoration, hand painted plaque.
  • Spongebob Fondant details, Meringue icing
  • Wagons My son's 3 rd birthday. I meant to do a Train Theme party but I was too busy with other...
  • Strawberry Short Cake Vainilla Cake made from scratch, Dulce de Leche Filling "caramel" and Meringue Icing.  Strawberries dip in chocolate for decorations.
  • Baseball-Theme My very first MMF attempt, wow! did not know if you let it cool too much will get so hard...
  • Amarillo This was a big cake, meringue icing, pans 14", 10,7 Pineapple filling.  This was for a 60 years old lady,...

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