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  •  My 12/13/14 Wedding Cake  I had not decorated a cake I over 4 years but decided I would make my own wedding the midst of it, my thoughts turned to, I must...
  •  Suspended Lace   Made with 2 large heart cookies and 2 small heart cookies.....Royal Icing lace work.
  •  2011 Gingerbread House  My 2nd Gingerbread house. It was donated to the Orlando Festival of Trees event to raise money for the museum. Everything except the base...
  •  Cake Pops   Had left over pound cake and leftover chocolate icing and decided making Cake Pops would be more fun than cleaning house. LOL
  •  Frog Cupcakes   Chocolate Cupcakes, Buttercream icing, and fondant frogs, lily pads and flowers.
  •  Frog Cakepops   Oreo + Cream Cheese covered in green Candy Melts
  •  Graduation Cookies   NFSC, cinnamon flavored with Antonia74 icing. I made these for my baby who graduated last week.
  •  First Gingerbread House  This was my first Gingerbread House. I figured I could bake, decorate cookies, so surely I could build a Gingerbread House. Much more labor...
  •  Cookie Cake   Cinnamon NFSC with Antonia 74 Icing, rose and leaves are royal icing. Cookies are brushed with luster dust. Made for a bridal shower.
  •  Chocolate Cupcakes   Made these for my guys at work. Chocolate cupcakes with chocolate buttercream icing and sprinkled with grated milk chocolate bar.
  •  Bridal Cupcakes   White cupcakes with buttercream icing and royal icing rose.
  •  Snowflakes   Cinnamon NFSC with Antonia 74 icing
  •  Christmas Cookies   Cinnamon NFSC with Antonia 74 icing.