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  • paw print cake
  • Blues Clue cake
  • car cake my first car cake
  • race car track
  • roses chocolate cake with chocolate icing
  • recipe cake got the idea for this cake from wilton year book
  • rose cake
  • birthday cake this cake i made for myself :) just a sweet treat on my bday
  • heart cake Made this cake for my friend's bday.It was also her husband bday.
  • balloon cake just a simple bday cake
  • pumpkin I made this cake for my 2 years old playschool halloween party.He was very happy to see the spiders and...
  • car cake I made this cake just for practice.My son ate a small bite after I baked the cake,so I was left...
  • sotas cake Simple birthday cake with royal icing roses and bc sotas around.
  • daisy cake This is the cake I made today for my friend's hubby bday.It is a surprise from her kids for their...
  • first tiered rose cake This is my first fondant tier cake I did for my wilton course III.I was very happy with the results.
  • bon voyage cake This was my first fondant cake.I turned the regular bow cake into a bon voyage cake for my friend.It was...
  • clown cake This cake I made in hurry as I wanted to give my friend's son a surprise.
  • little suzy's This is the first character pan cake I made.I know I have to omprove a lot,but I enjoyed a lot...
  • final cake,course2 (side view) Side view of the cake I made in course 2.I made two birdies and the bird house.
  • final2.JPG This is the cake I made in course 2.I was very happy by the results :).I didn't want anyone to...
  • My third cake This is the third cake I made at home.My two year old son was very happy to see the clowns...
  • My second cake This was my second cake which basically turned into a Father's day cake.I guess I have to improve the rainbow...
  • My first cake This is the first cake I decorated at home all by myself.I just had one cake decoration class.