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  • Fall Birthday 16 inch spice cake w/ milk chocolate frosting. Second layer  10 inch lemon cream cake w/ bc frostong. MMF fence,...
  • Lingere Made for a bridal shower, BC w/ MMF
  • Flowered baby shower cake Made for a baby shower. Two layer 12 X 2.5in rounds. BC w/ MMF feet & letters. Flowers & leaves...
  • Fairies and Stars Made for my daughters 3rd B-day. Bc w/MMF accents. three layers w/coconut filling. Over 12 inches tall.
  • Daisies and Ladybugs Made for teacher appreciation day. Bottom round is 16". BC with MMF daisies, and ladybugs.
  • Fathers-Day Bar-B-Que Bottom round is 16", bc frosting, MMF extras, grill is spaghetti. Special thanks to "klsunny"  for ideas on the wooden...
  • Ladybug babies Made for my friends baby shower. Ladybugs are MMF, bottom round is 16".
  • Beach Wedding I've seen this type of cake made several times, and was happy to make it myself. The seashells are candy-molds...
  • Bee B-Day
  • Baby Boy Frog Made for a friends baby shower. BC & MMF.
  • Alien in spaceship
  • Frog N Flowers Made for a friends B-Day. Two layer, BC with MMF accents, water has piping gel for added shine, cattails are...
  • Snowman-Fireplace
  • Stockings Around Made for an elementary school's staff Christmas party
  • Black N Pink Starz Made for a 14 year old, girls B-Day party
  • Volcano w/ Dinos BCC with MMF accents , flowing "lava" is 'Make'N Mold' melting candy
  • Cupcakes N Clouds
  • Close-up lambs
  • Memorial cake Made in memory of a little 1 year old girl who died, her parents called her their little angel, that's...
  • Horse in a fence Made for a 7 year old girl's B-Day. BC & MMF, with candy rocks.
  • Dream-Time Baby Made for a baby shower.  BC w/ moon, baby, stars, & flowers MMF.
  • Baby Bear Made for a baby shower.  BC w/ MMF accents, bear is "rice crispies treats" molded to shape.
  • Fat Cat
  • Giant Cupcake Made as a welcome for a friend. Three layer, BC, cherries are MMF.
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