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  •  Off-Set Yellow Rose  The roses are real. The cake is lemon cake with lemon buttercream icing and blackberry filling. The layers are off-set and line up flat in...
  •  Snowflake   For a winter wedding -- This will be the top tier of the wedding cake and I did a trial run of the top tier for her bridal shower.
  •  Final Cake Course 2   For the Course 2 final, I decided to make a butterfly instead of those birds because I have a thing for butterflies!. .
  •  Cow Birthday Cake  I made this for my mom. She used to collect cows so all of the girls at church started calling her heifer! The cake is carrot cake with...
  •  Wilton Course 1 Final   Its a Irish creme cake inside .. :)
  •  Chocolate Hazelnut With White Chocolate Accents.  This cake tasted amazing. When I tasted it, I no longer cared what it looked like! The filling was nutella. The frosting was a made up last...
  •  Lemon Curd And Blackberry  This cake is going to taste so wonderful -- Its lemon curd in the center and the top and bottom layers are filled with fresh blackberry jam...
  •  Class 2 Course 1   This is the first cake we did in Course One. This is my second cake ever.
  •  My First Cake Ever!  I have been to the first class of Wilton but I don't make my first cake until next week. I've practiced on the board some -- but...