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  • Minion Papoy!
  • I <3 Chocolate Guess what... a cake for a chocolate addict! ;)
  • Jungle sudoku ;) My friend likes to make sudoku puzzles, so I thougth it would be fun to make a cake with a...
  • Bath ...it sais: 47 and finally in own bath. Made for a friend of my parents who's working at his bathroom....
  • Sweet girly cake A cake for my little sister... :D
  • Flower/ 4 hearts
  • Marzipan cake
  • Heart cookies!
  • Orange and flowers
  • Basketball cake For a girl who loves basketball, and especially the Lakers. Her mother sent me a few pictures of the girl's...
  • Yellow with flowers
  • Candy box
  • VW Bug
  • Picknick cake
  • Pink Flowers I made this cake for my mothers birthday... She really liked it! :)
  • Soccer cake
  • Cupcakes
  • Ballerina cupcake
  • Cake competition This cake I made for a cake competition... This evening the winners will be revealed!
  • Marzipan star cookies
  • Birthday cake
  • "Thank you" cupcakes
  • Chocolate ganache cake Beautiful, isn't it? :D (Can you see me? ;) )
  • Bear cupcakes Normal size and mini...
  • Ice cream
  • World city cakes These ones I made for a cake competition with the theme travel...

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