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  • Dirty Iced Bling Cake Dirty Iced Bling Cake
  • Strawberry Cream Cheese Ninja Turtle Cake Strawberry Cream Cheese Ninja Turtle Cake
  • Tattoo Butter Cream Wedding Cake Almond Cream Cake w/fondant ribbon & tattoos
  • 3 Tiered Monkey Cake Almond Cream Cake with Almond Butter Cream icing with fondant art work
  • Purple Bow/Dot Tiered Cake Butter Cream Iced w/fondant bow & dots
  • Chocolate Buttercream Orange Velvet Cake Orange Velvet Caked with Chocolate butter cream & Chocolate Orange Slices
  • Autumn Colors Wedding Cake Almond Cream Cake on a raised stand w/fun couple displayed below the cake
  • Beach Birthday Cake Airbrushed Red Velvet w/cream cheese icing.
  • Lego Birthday Cake Vanilla Cream Cake w/fondant Lego cutouts.
  • Milestone Cake Two tiered cake of Almond Cream & Chocolate.  Airbrushed w/cutout milestone road signs
  • Red Neck Wedding Cake Two in one... Beautiful aqua swirled bridal cake on one side, Red Neck Mud Bogging Grooms cake on the back...
  • Square unique Sweet but bold with the monogram accent
  • Sweet Basket Weave Cake Basket weave pattern with the leaves & topper for a fall wedding
  • Pink Swirls w/Brown Ribbon The Pink & Brown accents of this cake make for a charming cake
  • Star Gazers & swirls Star Gazers & Swirls make a elegant look
  • Pretty Country Wedding Cake Daisies set off this pretty country wedding cake
  • Sunflower Wedding Cake Royal Sunflowers set in buttercream
  • Butterfly wedding cake smooth iced butterfly cake
  • 4 tiered square elegance 5 tiers of almond cream cake & almond buttercream.
  • 1/2 n 1/2 chocolate, vanilla cream cake Brown N White wedding cake. Chocolate n Vanilla cream cake
  • 3 Tiered w/black swirls almond cream cake w/pudding between layers, almond buttercream w/piped swirls
  • Dual Girly & Sporty Cake for twins One side basket ball cake, the other side zebra/purple dot cake
  • Tom & Jerry Cake Tom & Jerry Character Cake
  • Baseball Bear Cake Chocolate Cream Cake with buttercream & star tip piped character design
  • Fountain Wedding Cake Almond Cream Cake with swirls of buttercream
  • Elmo birthday cake Buttercream iced with star tipped piping of Elmo & Fish Bowl.
  • Square Black & White Dots Sweet 16, Vanilla Cream Cake with pudding between layers. Buttercream iced with fondant dots
  • Mickey Mouse Cake White iced with star tipped piped Mickey
  • Character Cake Sponge Bob Two layered vanilla cream cake with pudding
  • Raven's Birthday Cake Chocolate, Chocolate Cream Cake
  • Monkey Cake - 3 tiered 3 tiered, buttercream iced with fondant decorations
  • Shapely Elegance Wedding Cake
  • Multiple Shape Wedding Cakes
  • Grooms cake Red Velvet cake with Cream Cheese flavored buttercream
  • Bright Flowers & Butterfly Lemon cake with cream cheese icing.
  • Poured White Chocolate Swirl Chocolate Cake with white chocolate ganache' between layer and poured over the top with white chocolate swirls
  • Chocolate Strawberry Ganache' This is a grooms cake with poured ganache' & fresh strawberries
  • Scooby Doo Free hand
  • FreshStrawberryChocolateGanache This is a devils food chocolate cake with pudding between thelayers & a Ganache frosting with dipped strawberries.  I love...
  • 3 Tiered 50th Anniversary Cake This was fun and easy.  No stacking the tiers.  The couple loved it and have ordered from me again saying...
  • CakeFountainJan06.jpg My favorite almond cake with pudding between the layers and whipped, almond, butter cream.  This was my 5th wedding cake.
  • 1st County Fair Cake This is my 4th wedding cake I've made.  I hope this takes a blue at the Anderson County Fair.  If...
  • Chocolate Whipped Strawberry Cake Chocolate cake with pudding filling between layers. Iced with non dairy whipped topping mixed with instant white chocolate pudding.  Drizzled...
  • Putt-Putt Golf cake This was designed after I turned the cake out of the pan and it broke apart.  The little boy wanted...
  • My 2nd wedding cake This order came in with one day to prepare.  The Bride had the cake top so I didn't see it...
  • Chad & Candi's cake This was my 1st wedding cake.  The icing was made with cool whip and "white chocolate" instant pudding mix.  It...

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