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  •  Flower Pot  My 1st attempt at making a flower pot cake. My 1st time using fondarific, tastes great, but creates air pockets when I placing on the cake...
  •  Flowers
  •  Airplane In The Clouds Cake   Coconut cake with coconut cream cheese frosting
  •  Soccer Gift Box   chocolate cake with sweet cream filling covered with chocolate ganache and buttercream fondant
  •  Tinkerbell Smash Cake   This cake was made for my 1yr. old niece. It's carrot cake with cream cheese filling, decorated with buttercream.
  •  Sleeping Baby With Turtle  Here's a picture of the full cake. This was the mother's 3rd baby shower and she wanted something with a turtle and baby. The...
  •  Puppy Cupcake Cake   Another cupcake cake for a 3 yr old
  •  Dora Cupcake Cake   My 1st cupcake cake, I couldn't get the leaves on my palm trees right, however my neice was excited when she saw this :)
  •  Turntable   I was asked to make a turntable for a groom, who is a DJ.
  •  Front View: Autumn Shower   Here's the top of the cake
  •  Golden Bride-Back   Here's the back of the dress..
  •  Golden Bride   My 1st bride cake! I made this for my friend's bridal shower, its a replica of her dress.
  •  Baby Shower - Redskin's Style  My co-worker is a huge Redskin's fan, so i was asked to create a cake around that theme. Since he's having a girl, I decided to...