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  •  Fun!   My daughter asked me to make her a cake because she hasn't had one in a while. So I thought sure, let's have some fun!
  •  Mom's Cake   Made for my mom because she put my sister and I in guitar lessons when we were kids (and we hated the lessons).
  •  Basket Weave And Butterfly   Color flow butterfly, basket weave Wilton Level 2 cake
  •  Lisa's Cake  I made this cake for a lady at work who got a full time job somewhere else. She isn't leaving (will still work part time for me) so it...
  •  Kate's Pink And Black Cake!  I made this cake for my older daughter's 15th birthday. She didn't want a fondant covered cake so I used buttercream. WASC cake,...
  •  Basket/roses  Just practicing, really. Also trying to teach my daughter how to do roses. Most on the cake are mine because she ended up eating most of...
  •  Fair Cake   This is my version of a cake that was in the 2005 or 2006 Wilton yearbook. I won a ribbon at the North West Washington fair!
  •  Wilton Level 2 Final Cake   Just made this tonight and I was really pleased with the results!
  •  Getting Better!  This is the final cake I made for level 1 Wiltons. I used too much peach colour and it looks more orange than peach, but oh well, it still...
  •  Happy Homer Day  This was my first cake that I made at lesson 2 of Level 1 Wilton's class.I definitely need to work on the main icing, getting it...
  •  Cory's Birthday  OK, not the best job by far, but I am a novice and I was in a REAL rush to get something done. It was one disaster after the next, from...