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  • mr. incredible
  • scooby doo this cake was one of the larges free-handed drawings ive done
  • barrette cake this cake was for a 3yr old girl who carried around combs, brushes and barrettes. the barrettes, comb and brush...
  • blues clues
  • dora the explorer
  • chicken little chicken little
  • gucci logo gucci logo cake
  • SPONGE BOB sponge bob squarepants
  • nemo sons 2nd bday cake
  • nemo my sons 2nd bday cake it was stwaberry w/wbc
  • 101809804165_300_1.jpg my first fondant cake it was a little bumpy
  • 33.jpg this was my 2nd wedding cake w/fresh flowers
  • 44.jpg my sons 3rd bday cake

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