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  •  Red Velvet, Christeenas Crusting Cream Cheese Practise   Just trying out a few new recipies. The frosting pipes very well but seems to do better when cold. Taste really good!!
  •  Tootsie Roll Roses Choclate Cake   I am practisong doing square cakes with fondant and wanted to try tootsie roll roses. They are easy and yummy!!
  •  Shamrock Cake  This cake had a small topper baked in a copper mold. The cake was pistachio so it had a faint green tint and the frosting had the water...
  •  Melissa_Cakes_036.jpg   Wilton puffed heart pan. This cake was really fun and I was pleased on how it turned out
  •  Melissa_Cakes_026.jpg   My first attempt at a carved cake. Not my best work!!
  •  Fe6E3158.jpg  choclate rolled cookies with choclate fondant. Theses cookies tasted really good. The fondant made the cookie nice and soft so it was like...
  •  9Bcdb034.jpg   This is an ice cream cake that I made for my father. It had a cool whip frosting. It was kinda hard to work with but tasted really good
  •  29E1Dff3.jpg  Wilton stand up pan. This was my first attempt at this cake. I dowelled the head and snapped this picture literally seconds before his head...
  •  A4D99179.jpg  These are NFSC with antonia's royal icing on them. I liked both recipies and this is the first time I made both of them. Thay are a...
  •  Christmas Cupcake Cake Fbctf
  •  Pumpkin Cake  This is a 2 yellow cakes in bundt pans. I mixed three different shades of orange to add depth in the cake the stem i mmf. I was pretty...
  •  Oreo Cake   I mixed 12 crushed oreos in a white cake mix. then I decorated the cake with oreo's an snow white butter cream it was good
  •  Bow Cake   Another practice cake i liked this one but it was befor i discovered mmf it was wilton akk

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