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  •  Fire Breathing Dragon  For my sons birthday party. It is a chocolate cake with fondant. And I put a firework candle in the head and hide the end with fire out of...
  •  Pirate Ship   This cake is for the best frienmd from my oldest son. I hope he likes it. The party is tomorrow with 24!!!! Kids
  •  Clone Trooper   This cake I make for my oldest sun for his Star Wars themed Party. It is all fondant
  •  Hello Kitty   Second Hello Kitty cake for my nice. She took it in the Kindergarten and all the girls loved it.
  •  Horse Carousel  This cake I made for a friends daughter. I used may new dico glitter, and I love it! It is all fondant exept the horses. They are from...
  •  Hello Kitty Cake  It is all fondant. I made this for my nice birthday party with her friends and family at home. Inside is a chocolate cake with strawberry...
  •  Barbie Cake  Just a litte Barbie for the daughter from my friend. She was really surprised and needed a long time to cut it. But she was happy that...
  •  Ed Hardy Cake   For the daughter from my neighbors for her 15. borthday
  •  Baby's Rattle  This was for my friend for her baby shower. This are chocolate cupcakes with fondant decoration. I put a stick in the cupcakes and with the...
  •  My First Wedding Cake   I made this cake for my friends, and now I can say I have made a wedding cake
  •  Jungle Cake   For my son's birthday It is all fondant. The snake writes his name (Tino)
  •  Strawberry Shortcake House  For the daughter from a friend to her 6th Birthday. She loves everything with Strawberry Shortcake. The Strawberry shortcake is made from...
  •  Just A Fast Spiderman   This was the cake for my sons Birthdayparty at home. Guess was the theme was

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