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  •  Fall Birthday Cake   I made this cake for a company in Boston for their September birthdays. I tried to use fall colors and flowers.
  •  Birthday Carrot Cake  This is my first paid cake. My boyfriends company bought if from me for his birthday party at work. It's carrot cake with cream cheese...
  •  First Fondant Cake   This is my first attempt at fondant..from Wilton Course III. I used Wilton's boxed fondant.
  •  Drunken Birthday Cake  A lot of people at the party didn't realize the cake is supposed to look like it's falling over (it was for a 30th birthday party...
  •  Spiderman  I had an extra layer of cake leftover so I made this up for my boyfriend in about 10 minutes. He took it to work the next day for a co-...
  •  Strongbad  This is a character from a cartoon. My sister loves that was her 21st birthday. She got a kick out of the cake...
  •  Fathers Day   close up of the color-flow golfclubs
  •  Fathers Day Cake   This cake took me FOREVER with all the color-flow golfclubs. But it was worth it. My family thought I bought them all!
  •  Wilton Course 1 Cake   My first attempt at the Wilton Rose. I ended up making it a joke cake for my "Boy Toy Timmy"
  •  Wilton Course 2 Final Cake   I love how this cake turned out. The final cake for course 2. Oval cake with basketweave. I left the birds out.
  •  Ladybug Cake   This is my first cake from the Wilton Course I class. I didn't want to do the rainbow so I did this instead. It was cuter in person