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  • Baby Buggy A customer brought me a picture of a cake very similar to this and wanted me to make it for...
  • Ribbon and Flowers 8" real strawberry, 10" lemon-raspberry, & 12" french vanilla-orange marmilade all frosted in almond buttercream.This was a last minute cake...
  • Bassinet My sister asked me to do a last minute cake for a baby shower. She needed it to feed about...
  • Chocolate Overload I had an order for a wedding and grooms cake to be picked up today. I told the bride that...
  • Slug Bug
  • Cake Slice
  • Monkey
  • HM
  • Flowers
  • Transformers
  • Bubbles and Bows
  • HM
  • Sparkle Wedding Cake
  • Flowers
  • Baby Blocks
  • Pinewood Derby
  • Thanksgiving Dinner
  • Cubs
  • King's
  • Dave
  • Gift
  • Super Hero/Monster Truck
  • Spider Man
  • Nemo
  • Santa
  • Snowman
  • Dora
  • brienna Strawberry flavored frosting and Banana flavored Marshmallow Fondant.
  • PICT0267_267_253.JPG I think I  got the idea for this cake from cc.
  • Cheif
  • Shuttle
  • Fun
  • Bridal Shower Cake Top / Sample Wedding Cake
  • Simple Wedding Cake I think they put a silver monogram on top
  • Princess
  • Black Widow
  • Boy gift
  • Summer Fun
  • Baptism Dresses
  • Music
  • Lego Darth
  • Lego Batman
  • fish cake Rainbow fish cake and whale melon bowl. My third cake.
  • Alyssa's butt close up of the diaper cover
  • Alyssa Frozen buttercream transfer baby, buttercream clouds and stars on a chocolate chunk cake.
  • Mothers day cake I made this cake for my mother in law. It was chocolate covered cherry cake. YUM!!YUM!!
  • Slip-n-Slide Sorry, This is the right picture.
  • Slip-n-Slide All Buttercream except Jello pool
  • cake monster This was a cake for my teenaged brother in law. We live in texas were it get in the triple...
  • Scrap book My sister took the pictures while I was still decorating the cake, neither one of us relized she didn't get...
  • pony This is my nieces cake. It was pale pink altough it looks a lot darker on the computer.
  • Bionicles
  • Toys My son love squishy reptiles and bouncy balls so this was his cake last year.
  • Pooh The cake was alternating layers of yellow and red velvet (3 each), with chocolate pudding between the layers.
  • pizza cake When my son was two his favorite food was tomatoes and supreme pizza. This was his birthday cake.