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  •  Elmo Surprise
  •  Record Player   Modeled on the "Planet Cake" book's record player
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  •  Fairy Resting On Mushroom
  •  War On Cancer  This was done for a cake auction benefit. The group was made up of retired Army so they wanted a cake to reflect their theme of "War...
  •  Belly Cake  This is the third belly cake I have made. I was told the the mom-to-be loved it so much that she refused to let anyone cut the cake at the...
  •  Who Dat!  This was my first attempt at a helmet cake for my uncle's 60th birthday. I cheated because it was last minute so the the faceguard is...
  •  I Want Green...i Want Orange!  I was inspired by Goonegirl's blue crayon. These cakes were done for my twin godsons birthday. Whenever asked what color for anything...
  •  Dalmatian Cake   Made for my godson. Everything is cake except for the paws which are made of rice krispie treats
  •  Gift Boxes   I made this cake for my Mom's birthday. It is lemon cake, lemon curd filling with buttercream frosting.
  •  Chipmunk Cake  Head to waist is all cake with RKT ears. The waist down is constructed of wood, styrofoam, and RKT. The "L" is for the birthday...
  •  Belly Cake   Cake was done for a good friend. This time I tried for a tie dye effect with the bow and sash with some left over MMF.
  •  Neon Pink Monkey With A Bow  So when asked what kind of party she wanted for her birthday, my cousin's daughter replied that she wanted a monkey party. I was asked...