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  •  067.jpg   For a bachelorette party last year - cake was pink mix and i injected pockets of white frosting (twinkie style)...
  •  Arg! Pirate Cake!   This is made of chocolate cake, with stabilized whip cream and airbrushing. the "sand" has sugar in the raw ans...
  •  Autumn Cookies, Acorns And Leaves!   aww...so pretty - white royal icing with toothpicked wilton gel hand painted on ... some are then further adorned with...
  •  And   this one too, little 3"er
  •  Pretty Cake   i know the lightings bad, but it was a cute little 3"er
  •  Again...   proof for lemon curd!!
  •  Josh And Erics Bday Cake   lemon curd makes an awesome base forchocolate writing!
  •  Cute Cup Cakes   another mom and i combo - i love making the royal flowers - so cute!
  •  The Front   of the ginger bread house
  •  Clown Cake   bag striping was fun - this was the wilton cake in one of the lessons, the students had great ones...
  •  Sheep Cookies   awww..... :)
  •  Forest Cake   the animals are plastic, but the piping gel lake and ice cream come trees were fun!!
  •  San Diego Or Bust!!   this was a going away cake for a guy who liked boobs :) they ended up being like 3" off...

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