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  • Mario/Bowling Party Cake Mario drawn freehand in buttercream
  • Ben 10 Ben 10 Characters done freehand with buittercream
  • Harry Potter Harry Potter 1/4 sheet cake
  • Hugs and Stitches Boys 1st Birthday 1st Birthday cake to match hugs and stitches decorations. 1/2 sheet and 6" smash cake
  • Thomas the Train Thomas the Train Birthday cake, 1/4 sheet done freehand in buttercream
  • side view of cake side view of cake (to match baby bedding)
  • Another Baby Cake 8" & 9" double layer, obvoiusly I got my idea from the MANY great baby cakes on this site! I...
  • Tinkerbell 2 Layers from the Flower Pan, Frosted in Buttercream freehand to match invitations.
  • wedding shower 1/2 sheet with buttercream frosting and roses
  • Computer cake for IT 1/2 sheet with buttercream frosting
  • Graduation Cake 1/2 sheet with buttercream frosting
  • 30th Birthday 1/2 sheet with 30 cut out of oval pans covered in buttercream.
  • Christmas 30th Anniversary Cake 1/2 sheet with 30 cut out of oval pans, frosted in buttercream with white cake sparkles on the 30
  • Graduation Cake 2 layer 1/2 sheet filled with strawberries and whip cream frosting, covered in buttercream.
  • Fairy 1st Birthday 1/2 sheet with one shaped cake cut out of 9x13...frosted in buttercream to match party decorations
  • clothes line "oh boy" baby shower cake My version of the clothes line cake that everyone has done.
  • Spiderman Picture drawn freehand with buttercream.
  • Tinkerbell Picture drawn freehand with buttercream, cake sparkles on wings.
  • The incredibles Picture drawn freehand with buttercream
  • Twins Christening Cakes 1/2 sheet cakes Decorated with Buttercream for twins christening
  • Toy Story 1/2 sheet cake decorated with buttercream, design piped in buttercream.
  • Darth Vador Birthday Cake Darth Vador cake cut from 9x13 pan and stacked on 1/2 sheet cake, frosted in buttercream.
  • Simple Birthday Cake round Cake frosted in purple buttercream with pink cake sparkles in the "13"
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 1/2 Sheet Cake frosted in buttercream with pictures drawn on cake.
  • Dora the Explorer Dora Shaped Cake on top of sheet cake frosted with buttercream frosting....