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  • Melissa Melissa.
  • Image
  • Rachel Gum Paste Roses Rachel.  Gum paste roses
  • Megan Snowflakes Megan. Snowflakes
  • Meghan Silver Sugar Meghan. Silver sugar
  • Maggie Silver leaf
  • Davis 18", 14", 10", 6" round. Black ribbon trim.
  • Jessica The bride brought me a picture to re-create a cake she found. 18",14",10",6" iced in buttercream. Fondant ribbon and crystal...
  • OSU Helmet OSU helmet grooms cake
  • Maggie
  • Tessa 3 layer cakes 8" and 6". Buttercream covered in navy blue fondant. White fondant anchor and gum paste rose. Rope...
  • Vanessa
  • Andrea
  • Tessa 18" base, 14", both 2 layers.10",8",and 6" - 3 layers each.Buttercream icing, drop flower tip stars with black dots.
  • Sara and Wade Hexagon pan set. Buttercream icing.
  • Wade Movie theme cake. 12" round base. Popcorn box - 3 6" rounds and 1/2 ball pan.
  • Holcomb wedding 16", 12", 8", 6" cakes.
  • Steelers Steelers grooms cake. 2 12x18 sheet cakest stacked and carved. top seats are rice crispie treets. Stairwells are cookies and...
  • baby shower First if all- thank you to "lifeisgood" for the idea for this cake! 10" and 6" cakes are iced with...
  • Steampunk doctor I made this cake  for my son's 26th birthday. He just finished med school is going on a trip to...
  • Creel 3- 9X13 cakes iced with buttercream and trimmed with gum paste and fondant decorations.
  • Daisy cake 14",12",10",and 6" cakes iced in moss green buttercream with gum paste daisies.
  • Princess birthday cake Princess birthday cake
  • princess birthday cake princess birthday cake
  • 90th Birthday cake
  • Fresh flowers
  • Castle Cake Cake was made uding Wilton castle cake kit.
  • Ivory and black Cakes are  2" X16", 4" X12", 4"X10",4"X6" iced in ivory buttercream.  Black trim is ribbon. Flowers are real orchids.
  • 50th Birthday Cake
  • Shark attack! Cupcakes decorated like sharks coming out of the water. Idea from the book "Hello Cupcake!" by Karen Tack and Alan...
  • Dropped cake! This wedding cake was dropped at the reception by the head captain of the  hotel. He tried to move it...
  • White Cake With Pink Ribbon Cakes are 18",14",10", and 6".  They are iced with buttercream and trimmed with satin ribbon. The flowers are silk.
  • OSU Ice Hockey Rink I made this cake as a grooms cake. I put gold wedding rings in the center. It's made with two...
  • Pink Wedding Cake with gum paste orchids and roses Cakes are 16", 12", and 8". I iced them with light pink buttercream. I then added a thin layer of...
  • n12423008_45739860_1846.jpg Baby Shower cake
  • White cake with black ribbon and hydrangeas Cake sizes are 18", 14", 10" and 6".
  • Round with dots Cake sizes are 18", 14" 10" and 6"
  • 021_21.JPG
  • Ohio State Capitol Building This cake was used as a groom's cake.
  • white cake
  • White Cake is iced with buttercream frosting.
  • White on white Cake has too many gum paste roses!!! It was a lot of work.
  • Pink
  • Ohio State Stadium Cake is two 12X18 layers with middle sculpted out and corners rounded. The crowd is made from m&m's. Flags were...
  • Basketweave Cake has offset layer iced with buttercream basketweave. Flowers are silk with a ribbon bow.
  • Fall Cake Layers are 14", 12" and 8" separated by foam blocks and silk flowers.
  • Creel Cake is buttercream trimmed with gum paste and fondant decorations. Reel is a little cake with fondant fishing line.
  • Pumpkin Chocolate poundcake.
  • Fall colors Cake layers are 16", 12" and 8". All are iced in buttercream and trimmed with fondant.
  • 003_3.JPG Center cake is 12' with 8" cake on top. Side cakes are 8" each. Cakes are trimmed with ribbon and...