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  •  Sunflower Cupcakes   Easy sunflowers. Dark chocolate dots of frosting in the center with tip 5 and two rows of petals with leaf tip.
  •  Wedding Dress Cupcake Cake.   This cupcake cake is made with 51 cupcakes.
  •  Star Wars Millenium Falcon Cake   Sheet cake cut out in the basic shape of the Millenium Falcon from Star Wars.
  •  Frozen Cake  Frosted in buttercream. The pond has a layer of light corn syrup on it to make it shine like ice. The "ice" sticking up in back...
  •  Raised Cross First Communion Cake.   This is a 12x18 sheet cake with the cross pan cake on top. All buttercream.
  •  Purple Cross And Roses Cake There Are Sparkles On The Cross Too   Purple Cross and Roses cake. There are sparkles on the cross too.
  •  Cupcake Wedding Cake  Royal icing pansies and butterflies on cupcakes. They look lovely on three tiered glass dessert trays. I added two more glass plates to the...
  •  Sexagenarian Cake  A sexagenarian is a person between 60 and 69 years old. I played off the prefix "sex" and drew a bunch of sexy things and said...
  •  Zip Trip To Groveland, Ma  This is a 37 cupcake cake. Our local news station Fox 25 featured my hometown this week. I made this cupcake cake for it and it was...
  •  Cheshire Cat And Catterpillar   The mushroom is just a small cake. The catterpillar and hookah are made of modeling chocolate.
  •  Doll First Communion Cake   Doll cake on top of a 9x13 cake.
  •  Tweety  This was for two memebers of school staff leaving for new jobs. Thier names are Robin and Lucinda ... I thought it was cute to write Good...
  •  "i Took His Hand" Cupcake Cake   This is a cupcake for the mercy gathering after a funeral.