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  • Twilight Saga Cake Black and White Twilight Saga cake.. All fondant details.
  • Autumn Baby Shower Cake with Booties Beige fondant, Mustanrd and pumpkin spice colored decorations. Hand made fondant/gum paste Booties painted with Luster dust.  all hand made...
  • Army Tank Camo Cake Chocolate cake.. fondant deco... cannon is fondant covered wooden dowel.  Brown sugar sand.
  • Toy Story Bedroom Cake Edible.. Bed frame and bed, floor, blocks, rug, ball are all Fondant... Edible cake image on bedspread.  Toy figurines.
  • Purple Dog Wedding Cake This was for a dog wedding.. Only difference was the ingredients inside. Instead of sugar.. I used honey.  It is...
  • Demask Wedding Cake Red Velvet / cream Cheese frosting.. White fondant and Ribbon accent.  Fresh flowers.
  • Spongebob Krabby Patty Cake White cake, fresh strawberries.  All cake and Fondant except for little SB figurines. TFL!
  • Buzz LightYear Space Cake Chocolate and white cake with Fresh strawberries.  Red and Purple fondant covered tiers.  ALL fondant decotations.. Buzz Candle. TFL!!
  • Pink Princess Birthday! Inspired by many CC photos.. Thanks!  Lots of Pink... Princess Cake.... Hey.. Lots to learn.. Anyone have any tricks for...
  • Little Mermaid Cake White cake, fresh strawberries.  All decorations made of fondant except topper.  Brown sugar sand.  TFL!
  • Baby Boy Baptism 3 different flavor 3 tiered cake.. Covered in white fondant with blue ribbon.  Chocolate cross pop and plastic rosary. TFL!
  • Tinkerbell Pinka and Yellow Fondant.
  • Pink and Brown Stork and Baby.. Shower Cake Chocolate and vanilla fondant and fondant decorations. Gumpaste stork and baby.  Completely edible.
  • Lego Nation Green and yellow Fondant Legos.. (Marble cake w/ fresh strawberry filling)  Toy Lego men.
  • oooooooo Who lives in a Pineapple Under the Sea? Buttercream Spongebob with fondant accents... Inspired by a CC member..Bunnypatchbaker.... Thanks a million.
  • Lime Margarita Cupcakes Lime Margarita Cupcakes... Got this Inspiration from MANY CC members!! Thanks a ton! Cheers!
  • Go Panthers!! White and Black Fondant... Red Ribbon.. Silver Dragees... Paw prints.
  • Pink, White, and Black Girl Baby Shower Buttercream frosting.. Black and Pink fondant accents... Silver dragees, and white candy pearls.
  • Spiderman Birthday Vanilla cake with fresh strawberries for bottom tier. Top tier is Chocolate with vanilla.  All covered in fondant. Buildings, sign...
  • Baby shower Cupcakes! White and chocolate cupcakes.... Vanilla Frosting and fondant Flowers and Leaves.
  • Carlo's Birthday School Bus Chocolate cake, Fondant covered Buttercream.  All decorations fondant and icing.  Wheels are fondant covered Crispy Treats.
  • Little Owls... My daughters Harry Potter Birthday Party White cake and frosting.. asst candy toppings for facial features. :)
  • iCarly Laptop Birthday Cake Triple Layered Chocolate Cake.. Pink Fondant.. Grey Fondant Keyboard... Edible Cake iCarly Image and Pink Fondant covered foam board Screen....
  • Fabian's 40th Birthday.. Aged to perfection Cake! 40th Birthday for Fabian.  Fondant wine bottle and box... Both hand painted with food color paste. White chocolate shavings... Really...
  • Peach Cherry Blossom Cake Buttercream frosting.. Hand Painted Fondant flwers with gold and bronze luster dust.TFL
  • CANDYLAND! candy:)
  • Jane's cake...Mackenzie Childs inspired... very bad picture...white fondant, hand painted fondant edible glitter...ribbon and roses, non edible... for an after funeral get together.....
  • Girl Bowling Birthday Party Chocolate Chocolate cake... Purple and teal fondant and decorations.  Lane, balls, and girl.. all fondant.  Non edible ribbon.
  • White, Black and Red Wedding Cake White fondant... ribbon, and fresh red roses....
  • Autumn/Thanksgiving Cake Soft yellow fondant with edible glitter... Ribbon, Flowers, and butterflies (non-ed)
  • Nightmare JACK Cake White fondant cake.. Jack "bust"....Ribbons, flowers, butterflies and Dragonflies non edible.....
  • King of the Jungle baby shower cake Chocolate cake.. Grass is coconut dyed with green food coloring and animals are store bought.
  • Baby Shower King of the Jungle cake White cake.... All decorations made with chocolate candy is piece of baking cup.
  • Easter Bunny cake White cake with vanilla/marshmallow creme frosting topped with shredded coconut and asst. Candy... Snowball cheecks
  • Hawaiian Luau Birthday White fondant... Fake orchids:)
  • Tinkerbell Whipped icing....
  • Thank you Cake Buttercreme frosting.. Store bought gold "coins"
  • Garden Birthday ... Buttercreme frosting... Edible Butterflies...Flowers made of royal icing.
  • Simple. Buttercreme frosting... Fondant rosary
  • Princess Castle Cake My very first Birthday cake for my then 3 yr old daughter.  Cake is buttercreme, Castle is white chocolate... Flowers...
  • Simple and Elegant My first wedding cake.... White fondant, black ribbon, fresh cut red roses...

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