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macdacruz - Lena da Cruz

I have started Cake Decorating in 1977 and the passion was so great that I never stopped. Today I am an instructor and I love it.

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  •  White Wedding Cake With Tulips   Fondant with various Tulips and Anthuriums
  •  Gardenia And Suculents   Competition Cake
  •  Oriental Wedding Cake   White Wedding cake with Orchids, Bamboo and pebles
  •  Bridal Rose Bouquet   Rose bouquet for a competition
  •  Peonie Wedding Cake   Peonies and Lilies
  •  "60 Plus Anniversary Cake"   Purple gum paste Rose with white filler flowers and LilacsRose Lace around and falling unto the board and a Lace drape with the bouquet.
  •  Spring Cake   Competition Cake
  •  Stargazer Lily And Roses   Stargazer Lily and roses
  •  Chocolate Cake With Ganache Undercoat Spray Of Vanda Orchids In Gumpaste Sugarveil And Pearls   Chocolate cake with ganache undercoatSpray of Vanda orchids in gumpasteSugarveil and pearls
  •  Small Cake To Be Cut By Bride And Groom   Small cake to be cut by bride and groom
  •  Main Cake For The New Weds To Cut   Main cake for the New Weds to cut
  •  Chocolate Cake With Ganache Undercoat And Modelling Chocolate Fondant Cascade Of Modelling Chocolate Roses   Chocolate cake with ganache undercoat and modelling chocolate fondant.Cascade of Modelling chocolate roses
  •  Chocolate Cake With Ganache Undercoat White Fondant Icing   Chocolate cake with ganache undercoatWhite Fondant icing