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  •  Cat And Yarn  I did this cake for my 2 year old daughter's birthday. Based (obviously) on a Debbie Brown design. Chocolate chip cake with BC &...
  •  Ian's Harry Potter Cake  Spice cake (what 8 year old requests spice cake?!?!) with BC frosting. Downloaded a Harry Potter font and made the entire top of the cake a...
  •  Father's Day  Chocolate cake, bc frosting. I'm really happy with the way the lettering turned out - I was going for typewriter-style, thinking it...
  •  Cappuccino   Mocha cake with coffee butter filling, chocolate espresso ganache. My first attempt at sculpting a cake - what fun!
  •  Princess Bethany   2-tier yellow cake with BC and MMF accents.
  •  Mouse Heart  Chocolate cake, chocolate syrup frosting, FBCT mouse. For a party at Chuck E. Cheese - I told the mother I couldn't do a copyrighted...
  •  Gymnast Birthday Cake  Chocolate cake, buttercream frosting, FBCT gymnast. The mom said her daughter wanted someone doing a cartwheel & suggested a series of...
  •  Soccer Cake  Half choc/half yellow cake with buttercream and FBCT soccer ball. My cat jumped on the cake box after the cake was finished - I had to...
  •  Dora Birthday Cake   Chocolate cake with buttercream frosting. Palm trees made of pretzel rods & buttercream leaves.
  •  First Communion   White cake with crusting BC, fondant ribbon/bow.
  •  Teacher Appreciation   Full sheet chocolate cake with WBH buttercream.
  •  Gift Cake   Wilton Course III; Chocolate cake with peanut butter filling (yum!) covered with fondant.
  •  Class Wedding Cake   My first (and so far only) wedding cake, made in the Wilton III class.