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  •  Track Cake   This is a cake that I did for my son's track team party. Not an artist but I had to draw the roadrunner. My bct fell apart.
  •  Easter Bunny   This is a cake that I did for my daughter's Spring Party at preschool.
  •  St. Patrick's Day Care Bear   This is a chake that I did for my daughter's St. Patrick's Day party at preschool.
  •  Baby Shower  This is BCT that I made for my daughter's preschool teacher's formal baby shower. I used her invitation for the transfer. It was...
  •  Care Bear Birthday Cake   This is the cake that I did for my daughter's 3rd birthday to take to her preschool.
  •  Strawberr;y Shortcake
  •  University Of Kentucky Graduation Cake   My nephew was graduating high school and was going to UK. This is really simple. Just a bct.
  •  High School Graduation Cake  I used the graduation announcement for the class for this cake. The details contained in the announcement were that the class colors were...
  •  Old Country Santa   This is a half sheet cake with a Wilton Old Country shaped pan on the top. This was a big hit at my husbands Christmas Party at work.
  •  Thanksgiving Centerpiece Cake   Another angle.
  •  Bam Margera Skateboarding Cake  My son's bestfriend is a skateboarder and could not think of anything to do. I went on line to the Bam Margera website (he is a big...
  •  Fun Halloween Cupcakes   Halloween cupcakes for my daughter's party
  •  Halloween Cupcakes   Fun cup cakes for my daughter's party

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