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  • Redskins Football Cake Made this for a friend's birthday. Image was an edible image.
  • Hammer && Nails Cake Fondant wood, nails, and hammer.
  • Tink Cake #3 I was going for swirls on the 1st tier, shooting stars on the 2nd tier, and Tinkerbell sitting on a...
  • Zebra Print Cake Buttercream Icing With Fondant Decorations. The Stars Were A 1st For Me... I Would Appriciate It If Someone Could Give...
  • Poker Table Table is fondant. Chips && Cards are real. Margaritas are Candles. This was a big hit =]
  • Patron & Heineken Cake Made the bottles out of rice krispy treats. Lime, napkin, and table cloth is made of fondant. Two plastic shot...
  • Ice's Jordan Jersey
  • Mickey Mouse Cake
  • Lea's Butterfly Cake For My Cousin's 3rd Birthday
  • Crab Cake I used a wonder mold, and just carved the top off. I iced it in red frosting and smoothed it....
  • Tinker Bell Cake
  • Spinner Cake
  • Thanksgiving Turkey Cake
  • Disney Princess Cake I didn't really like this cake.I wish I made it better
  • Cars Cake
  • Redskins Cake
  • Air Jordan VI Carmine Cake
  • Two Peas In A Pod This was for my mom's baby showerShe delivered my baby brothers on July 21st, 2008
  • Bratz Cake Star - Doll Popping Out Of Present - DiamondLips - Heart
  • Mad Hatter Hat Cake
  • Spider Man Cake
  • Titans Cake This Was For My Friend's BoyfriendHis Favorite Player On The Titans Is Vince Young
  • Lulu's Graduation Got This Out Of Wilton's YearbookMy Boyfriend Loved It And So Did His Family
  • Soccer Cake
  • Betty Boop Made this for my grandma's birthdayEveryone LOVED IT!
  • Happy Birthday Butterfly With FlowersMade It For My Cake Decorating Class
  • Cars Cake I Tried To Make The Car Stand Up, But It Was A B I G DisasterSo I Had To Set...
  • Tinkerbell Cake For My 5 Year Old Cousin=]
  • Transformers Cake Autobots & Decepticons
  • Guitar Hero Cake This was for my boyfriend's 19th birthdayHe was so0o0o happy when he saw the cake I was the one who...
  • Penguin Cake
  • Curious George Cake 1st Time Using A Edible Cake Image
  • Turkey Cupcakes
  • Hello Kitty Cake
  • Igloo & Penguin Cake I Think It's CuteThis Is The 1st Time I Covered A Cake With Fondant
  • Christmas Tree It Was My 1st One
  • Bobby Jack Cake
  • Shaina's Baby Show Cake Made This For My Best Friend Who Was Having A Baby GirlThe Baby Is So Cute!=]
  • Werewolf Cupcake
  • Elmo Cupcakes
  • Devil Cupcakes
  • Ghost Cupcakes
  • Cupcake Bouquet These Were For My Baby Cousin's 1st Birthday
  • Turkey Cake I Made This For My Cake Decorating Class... I Was So Upset That There Was A Little Dent In The...
  • Baby Shower Cake 1 I Made This For My Cake Decorating Class... I Think This Our First Cake... I've Stepped Up My Skills Since...
  • Mummy Cake This Was For A Friend's Mom's Birthday... This Was My 1st Time Using Fondant On A Cake =]
  • Doll Cake My First Doll Cake... The Bottom Of Her Dress Has Leaves On Them Because I Made The Cake In The...
  • Scooby Doo Scooby Dooby Doo... Where Are You? We Got Some Cake To Eat Now =]
  • Halloween Cupcakes Pink Spider//Dracula//Wolf//Ghost//Spider Web//And The Pink And Black One Is Suppose To Say Boo
  • Halloween Cupcakes My Favorite Cupcakes are the Mike Wizowski's and the Frankenstein's =]
  • Clown Cake This was for my Aunt's 16th Birthday... She wasn't expecting this, but she loved it! =]
  • Elida's 31st Birthday Cake This was for my aunt... She loved it!
  • Betsy's Cake This was for my boyfriend's little sister... I think this is one of my favorites =]
  • Dora The Explorer I dont really like Dora, but I do like the cake =] Ha ha
  • Winnie The Pooh This was for my friend's 25th birthday... Everyone was surprised that I made the cake, but once it was cut,...
  • Mama's Beach Birthday Each bear represents someone in my family. The one on the towel ontop of the cake is my grandma, then...
  • NASCAR Cake This was for my dad for this past Father's Day... He LOVES NASCAR, and his favorite racer is Jeff Gordon....
  • Last Day Of School This was for my 7th period on the last day of exams... Everyone thought that they were so0o cute, and...
  • Pink & Green 18th Birthday Cake This was for my aunt who was turning 18... The sticks hanging out of the cake were sparkling candles... I...
  • Giant Cupcake My aunt bought me a giant cupcake pan and I wanted to try it out.. so I made it fine...
  • Spider Man This was for my friend whose birthday was the day after Spider Man 3 came out... It's not the best,...
  • Winnie The Pooh Cupcakes These were for my boyfriend's nephew's 1st birthday. The Winnie the Pooh hot air balloon was for the birthday boy...
  • Mommy's Birthday Cake This was for my mommy's 32 birthday... She loved it!
  • It's A Girl This was for my boyfriend's brother's girl... Turns out the baby was actually a boy! =0
  • Topsy Turvy Pt. 1 I really wanted to make a topsy turvy cake ever since I saw one... But, mine didn't come out the...
  • Spider Man Close Up This was for my friend whose birthday was the day after Spider Man 3 came out... It's not the best,...