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  •  Hawaiian Cake  50th birthday cake for a Hawaiian themed party. Birthday 'boy' loves to fish and hunt, so I spent weeks making all of the figures...
  •  70Th Birthday  Made for mom's 70th birthday. 1st try at gumpaste flowers and Aine2's figures - she is SO fabulous for sharing her art through...
  •  1St Cake Topper   Thanks so much to Aine2 for her inspiration and tutorials - she is amazing! Made this for my mom's 70th birthday cake.
  •  Momma's Flowers   Made for my mom in her 'signature color' - Pink! Got tons of practice making those RI flowers, for sure.
  •  Shrek For The A's  Joint b-day cake for my 2 oldest g-kids (who were obsessed with Shrek). It was made into 2 cakes so that the figures could be transferred...
  •  Craftsman Toolbox  1st cake I made after classes - and 1st sculpted cake ever. I definitely bit off more than I was ready for, but my partner loved
  •  Brit's Graduation  For niece's graduation...she insisted that her b/f be included on the cake. Tried my best to incorporate both of their interests into...
  •  Final Class Cake  Spent hours making those flowers! Found I'm good at some - terrible at others! You can look at the pic and figure out which flowers...
  •  1St Class Cake   Classic Wilton class clown cake. Had to make it twice b/c instructor got sick and postponed the class for a week!
  •  Austin Turns 1  I had a complete design drawn out and hauled all my stuff out to MD to construct it. Got there and found out that the decorations that I...

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