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  • This Cake Was Made For A Friend Who Celebrated 60 This cake was made for a friend who celebrated 60.
  • soup pot cake This cake I've made for a shef. The cake is shaped like a pot. All the vegetables are made of...
  • wedding cake All flowers - roses, orchids , leaves - are from gumpaste, dusted with dustind colours.The cakes are covered with sugarpaste.
  • football cake I was asked to make the ball/ It was put on another cake/The ball was made from 2 halves/
  • 60th birthday cake I've made this cake for my brother's 60th birthday.I've made green orchids, frangipani flowers and lucky bamboo - all is...
  • A Wedding cake
  • A barbey doll cake the doll is a special doll for cakes.The rest  is a cake covered with sugarpaste and all the deorations are...
  • wedding cake with orchid and rose flowers the flowers were made from sugarpaste ( so were the leaves )/I used dusting colours.The bride's bouquet was with these...
  • Birthday cake roses, tulips, popy, leaves - all made of gumpaste.I used dusting colors.Thanks for looking
  • elegant cake All the flowers and leaves are sugarpaste flowers.I used dusting colours.Thanks for looking.
  • Nature rebuilds itself after the great ire in Mount Carmel The burnt tree, and branches, thburnt leaves and the stones are all from sugarpaste.So are the flowers and the green...
  • Heart shapped cake flowers are sugarpaste flowers with dusting colors.Thanks for looking.
  • Heart shapped cake Covered with sugarpaste .Flowers are also made of sugarpaste/TFL
  • sugarpaste flowers on a wedding cake I used dusting powder for folorung/Thanks for looking
  • Spring flowers All the flowers and leaves are made of sugarpaste.I used dusting colours.I've made some ornaments with royal icing,TFL
  • 3 Tired cake for a baby shower Sugarpaste flowers and booties/TFL
  • For a music fan A birthday cake for a woman who loves music.Sugar paste decorations.TFL
  • Sugarpaste flowers The flowers and leaves were made of sugarpaste, dusted with dusting colors..Thanks for looking.
  • A three tire wedding ( dummy ) cake. The flowers and leaves are from sugarpaste . I used dustind powder colours.The beads are not eddible.
  • Heart shapped cake Chocolate cake covered with sugarpaste. Roses and leaves are also sugarpaste. Decoration with royal icing.TFL.
  • A cake for a shef's birthday Chocolate cake , covered with sugarpaste .all the elements are from sugarpaste.TFL
  • cold porcelain orchids The orchids and leaves are made of cold porcelain and coloured with dusting colours.TFL
  • 4 tire wedding cake The roses, cakka kukkues and leaves are sugarpaste flowers.
  • Sugarpaste flowers and leaves in a basket I was invited, by friends,  to an evening meal. I've made these flowers and leaves from sugarpaste , arranged them...
  • Sugarpaste Gerbera The flowers are made of sugarpaste  - I used dusting colours/Thanks for looking
  • Bonsai tree on a birthday cake The man likes Bonsai trees and his wife wanted to surprise him with a specil cake for his 60th birthday....

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