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  •  Cookies With Mmf And Edible Images
  •  Cars Cakes And Cupcakes With Edible Images   this was the first print out using the edible ink and sheets from icing images
  •  Tired Kitty   at 3 am while making the cookies and my cakes i made a hello kitty with red eyes...kept me awake for a few more minutes :D
  •  Hello Kitty Cookie In A Bag
  •  Hello Kitty Cookies   these are the cookies i made for my niece's 1st birthday party
  •  Hello Kitty Birthday   these are the goodies i made for my niece's 1st birthday...a hello kitty cake, cupcakes, and cookies
  •  Another Ganache   i didnit like the ripples so much so i tried again by dipping my spatula on the ganache and i made this...
  •  First Try On Ganache  this was my 3rd cake for the weekend :D seeing your pictures here makes me want to bake everyday :D but yours are all better...i couldn&#...
  •  First Try On Fondant  this was the first time i tried using mmf or fondant in general :D got the idea from the pics posted here...i didn't have cookie...
  •  Topsy Turvy Pan  this is the first shaped cake that i made...i always use the 8" round pan for my practice cakes...i couldn't smooth out the icing...